Show Off Your Mario Grandi Pipe Here!

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May 31, 2013
This is the first Mario Grandi I have bought. Other have asked me to review it. Ill do my best to talk about my first thoughts out of the box and show it off a bit.
I won this on ebay for $75 shipped. If you want to check out Mario Grandi their store front is at the following address
Out of the box: It is a really nice looking pipe. There are hardly any blemishes in the wood and you have to really look to find them. MG has no stamp on the stem. The only markings are the name and "Made in Italy" on the shank. The pipe is light for being on the larger side. It has a big 2"+ deep bowl that's about 3/4" in diameter.
Smoking: The stem is wide at the bit but thin. This makes the bit seem flimsy when clenching. I don't clench so this is not a big factor for me. Now for the primary reason for the review. It smokes great. Great draw, doesn't smoke hot, and it tastes like a pipe I have already broken in. I was having problems achieving the really sweet taste profile that Capstan blue was suppose to have. This pipe achieved it out of the box.
Over all: I am way more than happy about how this pipe turned out. For the price I would have been happy if this pipe smoked half as well. MG pipes will be getting more of my business in the future.
And now for the pics...



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Jun 30, 2012
Here's my three Mario's to date.. Love the Oom Paul the best... Nice long smoke with a book and rum and coke...



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Jan 8, 2011
I have two.
This one I just got from smokingpipes. Came in a custom case with matching tamper. Estate purchase, though unsmoked.

This one was my first Grandi and one of my work horses. One of only a few pipes I have kept that does not have a smooth top. It just smokes too well for me to get rid of.