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Feb 16, 2014
I haven't bought a pipe for quite some time. then the Texas Pipe show came around and I attended for the first time. While there I bought a beautiful Bill Walther pipe. All great right. Nope. As you can imagine, like at any show, there were pipes of all shapes, sizes and materials. I found myself looking around online, but not at pipes that would normally interest me. Well, after a couple months time I find myself the proud owner of these three. A Kirsten, a Nording Chrchwarden and a VERY small Pete. These styles would have never drawn my attention in the past. It's funny how sometimes an itch can start that just can't be ignored. Anyone else ever experience this?



Preferred Member
Jan 8, 2013
I really like the look of that Nordwarden (I just penned that word! Anyone uses it has to send me royalties of $100,000 every time you use it... of course, if you can't afford that, I'll be happy with a tin of Black Frigate). Congrats! :clap:



Preferred Member
Oct 12, 2011
Nice! Been kind of wanting a Kirsten for a few years just haven't pulled the trigger on one yet...