Save Tobacco Packaging in Canada

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Apr 4, 2011
Hi All, here is an important request to all Canadian members and those with smoking pals here in our part of the continent. Our lovely ministers seems to be pressing forward towards a "healthy" alternative to life and though it seems we cannot stop them, we can at least offer some resistance. Please sign this petition to be sent to the Prime Minister. For what it's worth, I wrote, "Cigar/pipe tobacco packaging is not only a way to identify a particular brand but an old and rich artistic tradition in Western culture. When so much true culture is being lost to convenience and ease of reproduction as pathetic substitutes for inspiration we should not be infringing on an industry, however small, that cares for tradition and history in such a concrete way."
Petition to be signed online



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Jan 26, 2016
Signed it, hope it works !if not, we may have to do as Napoleon uttered on Animal Farm. REVOLUTION !



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Dec 5, 2016
As a Canadian, I can only say I hope the USA doesn't come our paternalistic way with regards to tobacco duties and policies.



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Jun 1, 2013
I have signed the petition.
I believe that plain packaging rules are a waste of time. It sometimes feels like countries are just trying to one up each other. Australia has statistical proof that plain packaging does not decrease smoking, so why bother. But here is Canada wanting to implement the practice. I have to assume it is to show that we are "though on tobacco" as well!
In the end, I have no need to buy tobacco anymore, so this is moot point for me. I will need to re-stock on my Cuban Cigars in a couple of years, but I will gladly book a vacation to purchase those directly from the island!