Quart sized Mason Jars - how many oz do they hold?

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Nov 25, 2013
I've just recently started to buy some bulk tobacco and was wondering if there was a rule of thumb about how much tobacco will fit in a quart sized Mason jar?



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Apr 5, 2014
I am one of the guys that firmly pack my jars when I have a lot of a blend. Some guys think you shouldn't pack a jar, but I don't think it matters. If I didn't pack tight, I'd have 300 jars instead of 180.

For instance, if you were jarring Gawith Hoggarth Kendal Dark which is a fine shag cut, a jar would only hold around 4 to 5 ounces.



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Aug 9, 2013
I think that I can get a quart of tobacco into one of those. :wink:
I am particular about how much I pack into any jar, for the sake of not allowing a blend to set in an open jar for too long, enough air to age the blend, and consistency. I always put 3oz of tobacco into a pint sized jar. This also helps with tracking my inventory of the cellar. And, I only use pint sizes. With flakes I will have a lot of extra space and air, and with a ribbon, I have to press it in a little. I don't like to cram my tobacco into the jars, but others will do this to keep from using too many jars, or various other reasons. So, that is how I do it. Others may do it differently, there are no rules to this, and you can do what you like with your own tobacco. I hope this helps. :puffy:



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May 12, 2015
Monterey Peninsula
To avoid some mystery, tobacco is sold by weight, and jars' capacities are measured by volume.
And different cuts will take up more volume than others. I pack tightly to exclude some oxygen. There's still plenty of air in a tightly packed jar.



Jun 27, 2013
It depends on the cut of the tobacco. I get about 10 oz of ribbon, about 12 of broken flake and a little over a pound of flake to the quart. I would recommend using 8 oz jars however, because you don't have to open the jar so many times and expose the tobacco to air before you use it up.



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Jan 18, 2011
I regularly pack 8 ounces in a quart Mason jar. I have done this for years and for many, many pounds of tobacco. This applies to ribbon cut and similarly prepared blends. I would imagine crumble cakes, flakes, and ropes might be different.



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Jul 10, 2015
I find that 8oz of ribbon cut tobacco fits fine in a quart jar if packed tight.



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Dec 1, 2014
Like others have said, I would consider splitting your tobacco up into smaller jars unless it's a blend you go through at a high rate. The aging process for tobacco benefits from anaerobic processes; the fermenting of the tobacco must eat up all of the oxygen in the container before you get to this point. As soon as the lid is opened it is back to zero.
If you have one large jar you will be constantly resetting this process. With 4 smaller jars you will only be resetting the process for a portion of the tobacco and by the time you make it to the 4th jar it may have some nice age on it.
This is in an ideal world of course. I tend to bounce from blend to blend and don't have a stockpile of any one blend, aside from a couple of sealed tins none of my tobacco is really benefiting from aging because I won't leave it alone long enough :lol:



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Jan 27, 2013
. I always put 3oz of tobacco into a pint sized jar.

I don't use jars anymore, but you need to remember how much you smoke comes into play when you start decanting a jar of your cellar.

Smaller jars will allow the cellar to continue to perk and you will not have to worry about a bunch of baccy drying out. It comes down to how much and how often you plan to smoke what you open.

When I started I was using quarts. Then as I read on the forum someone alerted me to this fact. I then went to the smaller jars as I only smoke a bole or two a night a little more on weekends. Then if you want to have several blends open at the same time.....

Smaller jars just make sense.

Using mylar storage pouches now, I still follow the same concept only using large ones to hold tins of the same tobacco,n'est–ce pas?

As you are just starting out, I would look into "food storage quality" mylar zip lock bags which can be heat sealed with an iron.

Whichever way you choose to go think about how fast you will consume it and store appropriate quantities.



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Nov 13, 2012
I fit 8oz no problem in quart sized jars and the pint sized one's are perfect to 50g's of tobacco.