Plum Pudding - a Conundrum

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New member
Jan 29, 2019
Austin, Texas
After a long and stressful day at work, I decided to relax in the yard with a few bowls and enjoy the spring evening. As the wife was staying inside working on her laptop, I plucked up my jar of SPP Plum Pudding to enjoy as I wanted something rich and complex. Usually when SHMNBN sits outside with me I choose milder blends or aro's.
Anyway, after some relaxing me time with my SPP-PP and audiobook, upon re-entering the house I was subjected to 5 minutes of complaining from the Dark Lord about how much I stink and needed to shower immediately as I was stinking the whole house up with my mere presence... etc etc etc. So, one may have to go - it's a hard decision as I like both of them. Just kidding, I can live with the complaints!
So, are there any particular blends that your sweethearts hate when you smoke them?



Preferred Member
Jun 11, 2017
My gal hates any and all smells from any tobacco I smoke. I just shower after each smoke and brush my teeth and do a nasal saline rinse. It is a fair compromise. I've been doing it for years. It is silly, but necessary.
IMHO, if the significant other doesn't like the smell of pipe tobacco after a smoke, then no one specific blend is going to be the magic bullet that makes them happy.
Now, pre smoke smell, that's a different story. Most non smokers love the smell of tobacco in the tin.



Preferred Member
Jan 28, 2018
My wife told me a year ago, either her or my pipe smoking were going to go. Occasionally, as I'm relaxing with one of my favorite pipes, I'll miss her momentarily.



Preferred Member
Nov 7, 2018
Mesa, Arizona
My wife doesn't mind the smell unless it has a cigarette room note. Besides that I don't get any complaints. We usually sit on the porch and she will read to me while I smoke. She likes aromatics and Latakia blends. She says the Latakia smells like a beef jerky around the campfire.



Preferred Member
Feb 11, 2016
Get rid of the wife, you’ll live longer.
Hoosierpipe, you give her a moment of thought? Lol, she must of had some redeeming qualities.



New member
Jan 29, 2019
Austin, Texas
It's a sliding scale on the complaining. She doesn't mind the aro's or my lighter burleys, but seems that stronger Virginia's and Lat bombs are what sets her off. Hmmm, may need to try some Black Frigate next... :twisted:



Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
My wife quit smoking (nails) years ago, but when she smoked it was Galoise (however it's spelled) and Camels, so I'd have to smoke truck tires to hear her complain. However, observing others, Latakia seems particularly unpopular, and probably some burleys that hang in the air. Bystanders seem to favor fairly mild aromatics with flavorings they favor. Vanilla, caramel, cherry, and for some anisette/licorice seem appealing. My wife occasionally does comment approvingly of a well-balanced aromatic like SWR Aro or Three Star Blue.



Preferred Member
Feb 26, 2015
Sometimes its funny how things work out. I was a pipe smoker when I met my wife and smoked occasionally until we discovered our youngest daughter had asthma and allergies when she was five years old. I pretty much stopped smoking pipes and cigars anywhere near the house until my daughter moved out for college and then I started smoking the occasional cigar or pipe.
After I had back surgery in 2000, and I had to quit drinking alcohol for six months because of the meds I was on I started smoking a daily cigar or two and occasionally a pipe. My wife would complain about the cigars and the smell so I started smoking my pipe more often and she stopped complaining. Now she will sit outside with me while I'm enjoying a pipe and she doesn't complain. I think she's afraid I'll go back to cigars.



Senior Member
Nov 18, 2018
My SO never complains about pipe tobacco, cigarettes on the other hand she hates. She smoked when we first met but quit about 1 1/2 years into our relationship and now cant stand the smell of them. I dont blame her they do stink. She will vape every now and then if we are partying hard at music festivals or camping or something.



Preferred Member
Aug 31, 2012
The Murray’s version of Dunhill Elizabethan was one of the very few blends m'lady openly complained about. When they quit making it around 2005, she was very happy. In 2012 I tried the Match for the first time. She was in the kitchen and I was in my studio at the other end of the house. Five minutes after I started smoking it, she came back to the studio and said, "Are you smoking that crap again? I thought they quit making it." But she didn't tell me I couldn't buy it.



Dec 26, 2016
My wife say some blends smell more then others but there is no complaints and she lets me smoke inside when i want so i am a happy man.



Oct 30, 2017
Sydney, Australia
My wife doesn't like the smell of Balkans. She would let me smoke inside if we owned the place we live in - well, she did say that but I'll see what happens later in the year when we move into our own place (unfortunately an apartment in the middle of a city although there are a couple parks not too far away).



Jan 25, 2019
PapaWhiskey - And... anyone else who is plagued by a nattering spouse who does not share in the appreciation, the allure, and the aroma of your favorite blend... Do what I do, and make up one of these dummy-pouches, fill it up with whatever you have on hand, and simply and quietly leave this pouch of phoney-tabak on their side of the bed...
They should get the not-so-subtle hint that you mean business, and that you aren't going to take any business either. - Sherm Natman



Preferred Member
Jan 7, 2019
I'm single. So, nobody here to blow me any hot air. It always amazes me how controlling these SO's are.
I'll choose "My Lady Nicotine" every time over my lady :mrgreen:



Preferred Member
Sep 13, 2013
I love reading these threads. When I say smoking is a very selfish choice, I usually get blow back. I do realize some of you are simply posting a response you wish was reality. But, such such truly support my belief. Many pipe smokers think only of themselves and then wonder why the world seems to be after us and our "nasty" habit.
I was lucky, my wife was a smoker who tolerated most of my blends. I'd defer to her wishes and smoked "English" in my office or outside only. A small consideration which reaped nearly 36 years of, mostly, marital bliss.



Senior Member
Mar 6, 2018
My wife has only complained about the new Three Nuns, said it smelled like a cigarette. She's a fan of Latakia as it reminds her of campfires in her youth. And then I smoked Sweet Vanilla Honeydew for the first time and she asked to smoke a pipe with me!
I do ask before I light up at a friend's house if they mind. I'll try to smoke Va's or something sweet to keep them from complaining. Most people are reminded of their grandparents when they smell pipe smoke. @waren, congrats on 36 yrs of marriage! I'm working on 7 now!



Preferred Member
Oct 20, 2010
My wife and daughter are allergic to smoke and are asthmatic. My son and I smoke pipes. But the smoking is outside the house. Once we come in, it is in the shower and clothes in wash.
If this process no longer works, I would give up smoking.