Pipe "Group" Size System?

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Senior Member
Dec 2, 2014
I have noticed that people refer to their pipes as a group 5, group 6, etc. What exactly does this mean? I am assuming that is refers to the size or volume of the bowl?

Is there a reference chart or link for this info?

Along the same lines, what are the common designations given for bowls size? For example, my Ascorti says "KS", which I assume means "King Size".....how does this type of designation correlate to the group size that people refer to?
Thank you



Preferred Member
Aug 23, 2013
The group size was/is used by Dunhill, 1,2,3,4,5,6, with 1 being the smallest. Individual Italian makers, Ascorti, Savinelli and others, use their own parameters, but the Dunhill sizes can be used as a reference...if one is familiar with them. The best thing when looking at pipes, is to check the physical dimensions, and weight, if given. Hope that helps.