Peterson's Connoisseur's Choice.... SUPER FRUITY

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Jan 14, 2016
This blend was my first go-to favorite. I found it nice, sweet, and provided a great room note.
But recently I was smoking Connoisseur's Choice, and realized just how ridiculously fruity it was. I read some reviews of it before I started smoking it, and saw this claim as well. But it wasn't until recently that I really tasted this overly fruity tone that I had been hearing about. It almost came across as a fake fruity hookah taste to me, and it caused me to feel a little sick to the stomach.
Maybe my pallet is finally being developed. But I wanted to see if anyone else here has had the same experience, either with this blend or with another.



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Dec 30, 2015
I have not tried that particular blend (yet) but yes I have had the same experience as you. I have a thread about it here:
Oh and hey welcome to the forum, let us know how things progress!



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Jan 25, 2012
SS I saw your post earlier and it got me curious. I bought a couple tins of CC a while back and I went and checked my cellar and found the last tin dated April 2013. I cracked it open and packed a bowl. Yep you're right it is pretty fruity but I like it. Nice change from straighter Virginia blends. I like that is has some nice flakes thrown into the blend.



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Oct 2, 2015
I can relate to how my perception of a blend changes over time -- especially after not smoking it for a while. Not sure if it means I'm getting more sophisticated or just older :D



Jan 21, 2016
I used to smoke a lot of connoisseurs choice as well but as I got more into Latakia and Virginia blends it became too fruity for me also. Try Nutty Cut as an alternative. Still has a great room note but isn't as fruity. Oh and stay away from Petersons holiday blend. It is so fruity that it's like smoking a jolly rancher.



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I didnt liked it fresh out of the tin. It gave me tongue bite and so it was jarred and forgotten for 3 months. The smoke afterwards became tolerable, the sweetness coming out in the blend. It's been almost a year and every once in a while I smoke a bowl. It has become good. I have done the same with Molto Dolce and the smoke was interesting but lacked body and strength.
My advise, stay away from Nutty Cut, its just Connoisseurs Choice with extra bright virginias in it.
Hope it helps.
Chris :puffpipe: