Orley's Wife Gets a New Pipe, and Has Something to Say! PICS

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Nov 3, 2013
I thought this might be the time for my wife to post something, but she'd rather I do it for her. I guess she thinks I'll do a better job of it as she doesn't like to post things on the internet. Oh well, so here goes.
I showed a pic of a Dunhill LC to her some time ago and she really liked the shape, but not the sandblast finish. She also saw a shape 120 that she liked, but again, would rather have a smooth finish. I told her that's fine with me, because those Dunhills would be extremely expensive IF you could even find one. So since then I've been on the look out for a shape like that she would like and we could actually afford. Low and behold I saw this old WDC Milano that had the shape she liked, so she made me bid on it. Luckily, I won it for a reasonable price. She was so happy, and I promised to clean it up for her to smoke.
About halfway through the clean up, I showed her the grain, and asked it she wanted it left natural or re-stained. She love the grain and decided to leave it the way it was, so I polished and waxed it up for her. I know that pipes of this vintage usually didn't show off the grain like this, but because it had a dark stain to begin with it turned into a nice contrast grain. Whatever, she smoked it and fell in love with it, claiming it was as good if not better than her old Stanwell. This pipe is definitely in her wheel house, deep bend and a smooth finish. Even I liked the results, but most important, happy wife, happy life. She gets excited about so few pipes I was glad to see how much she liked it.
I know, she's not exactly saying something here, but she did dictate what she wanted to say. (I might have add-libbed a little)

First the before pics:

Oh yeah, and it came with a bent inner tube stamped WDC, but it wouldn't stay in place. Couldn't get it to stick in the stem, so I left it out.

After pics:



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Oct 12, 2011
Orley, Orlette got herself a beautiful pipe there my friend!May she have many years enjoying it...



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May 9, 2015
My first thought was very nice, then I realized that was the before pics :mrgreen: Very nice indeed :clap:



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Jan 8, 2013
I love it! Well done. It's a beautiful pipe. And as I so often like to say, but this time for her benefit, I hope she enjoys the heck out of it! :clap:



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Jul 28, 2013
Im with davet, I thought it was awesome during the before pics. Wow. Nice job cleaning that up, that's incredible.
Btw, I think it's awesome that your wife enjoys pipe smoking with you. My wife has tried it, but it never stuck. Maybe I'll just have to get her her own pipe.



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Jan 23, 2015
WOW...that's a real beauty for sure Orley.

I hope it brings wifey much smoking enjoyment. :puffy:



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Feb 21, 2013
Spare and elegant, a fine bent briar. Looks like plenty of bowl too.