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New member
Oct 21, 2018

I been trawling the internet for information on pipe smoking and found this forum. so i hope you don't mind answering some newb questions. Im from England, and i don't have any tobacconist near by, so i been ordering from
1] I purchased some cheap (probably useless) pipes to give it a try, but after doing some research it looks like to enjoy pipe smoking i need to buy a corn cob or briar. so before i spend more money, could some one give me a couple of recommendations for a large bowl and a small bowl pipe, or tell me how to find the right pipe for me.
2] Im currently smoking RYO and and flavoured mini cigars. i already ordered some sample pipe tobaccos, but only chose them by the names and flavours. i know pipe smoking is about keeping the smoke in your mouth and not breathing it in, but this is going to take some practice, so can someone suggest a mild tobacco thats not going to kill my throat if i accidentally breath it in. pref from a UK website.
3] I have read all the good and bad stuff about RYO with pipe tobacco, but is there a brand that i can smoke in my pipe when im home, but RYO when driving etc (i think its called shag) but dont really know where and what to buy.
4] even tho my wife dont smoke any more, she likes the look of the metal falcon pipes, are these a good brand.
5] i got some little glass air tight jars, is that ok to store tobacco in when not using it, but transfer into a leather pouch for what im using at the time.
sorry if i asked to much, im a bit obsessive with the things i do, and what to make sure i got the right info and items, so far i have:-

2x Cheap bent pipes

100x pipe cleaners

pipe lighter

multi tamper tool
is there anything else i have to buy
thanks in advance



Senior Member
Mar 15, 2018
1. Large bowl cob maybe the MM general. and the smaller one is pony. MM cobs never failed to amuse me

2. Some say drum can be smoked in a pipe. But pack it tighter, smoke it slower. If ou want to try some mild tobacco exclusively for pipe, maybe some burley blend will do. Great taste, never burn your tongue.

3. look at number 2

4. Falcon is yeah or meh. Some say it's good, some don't. Better try for yourself :nana:

5. Sure, that's best option to go :)
For everyday carry, I always bring my pipe, a puch of tobacco, tamper, and my bic lighter. All packed into an air tight plastic container :D



Preferred Member
Aug 24, 2018
Missouri meerschaum for sure , really good pipe , inexpensive , smokes good and lasts
I bought a falcon coolways to get started , not expensive and decent briar
My next purchase I think will be a tray , don’t have one yet so I just use a sheet of copier paper or wood bench top to prepare tobacco
Mild tobacco worth trying , look thru the bulk blends , you can pick up an ounce and the mild ones are easy to spot , they are the ones which aren’t named ball chrusher flake and blow me down pirate plug



Preferred Member
Dec 3, 2016
Welcome onboard. My Smoking Shop , Smoke King , GQ Tobacco are good places to buy.



Preferred Member
Jul 11, 2014
I bought MM's seemingly most available pipe and I'm still using it after more than 4 years. It's a Legend.

I have several cobs by now, and I think the best value MM offers is the Pride.

As for tobacco recommendations that could serve dual purpose, I would suggest the D&R line.

Their 3 Sails is a straight VA and finely shredded. It's also very tasty and mixes nicely with one of their straight burley blends, TwoTimer.



Preferred Member
Sep 9, 2017
Here's a pipe with a small bowl that should serve you well: Savinelli Roma 623.
If you don't like the shape, just note the inner bowl dimensions and look for something similar.
For beginners, I'd strongly recommend a pipe with a small bowl, so that you don't waste too much tobacco whilst you learn the ropes. It'd certainly keep your smoking sessions fairly short (~30 min), but that helps if you run into tongue bite and must put the pipe down—sometimes for a few days, even. When I was starting out I made the mistake of buying a pipe with a large chamber and it hardly ever sees any use (I picked up pipe smoking a bit over a year ago).
As for tobaccos, look for the 'Strength' value, which relates to nicotine content. You'd want something with 3 stars/dots or less. See here for example: Holger Danske BB. That's a mild blend. Never mind that I'm linking to SPC's site, it's also available at the site you're buying from—it's just that your site doesn't have the Strength, Room Note, and Taste ratings. You can use SPC to learn said ratings about the tobaccos that are available to you, and then buy them elsewhere.
I won't go into the aromatics vs. English blends debate. **I** started with aromatics and love them, but there's a factual reason, besides fanatical preference/repulsion, to starting out with English blends if you're a beginner: because they contain orientals, which have more oils than sugar, they tend to burn cooler, whereas aromatics contain more sugars (the virginias plus the toppings) and tend to burn hotter, thus requiring more controlled technique in order to enjoy them and not burn your mouth. Of course, for that same reason, if you learn to properly smoke an aromatic, then you can smoke just about anything without a hassle: think of it as learning to drive with a manual tranny (aros) versus an automatic (English blends): if you learn on the former you can drive the latter, but not the other way around.
In the end, which type to smoke is up to you, but, please, do stay away from Borkum Riff.



New member
Oct 21, 2018
Thank you for all the reply's.
@ukbob thanks ill check them shops out
@newbroom I've seen D&R mentioned a few times over the net, just cant seem to find any of the UK sites. do you have a link for it maybe?
@olkofri the pipe looks nice, and thanks for the quick rating tip, that will be real handy for me, as i dont know anyone who smokes a pipe and dont really have anyone to share tobacco samples with.



Preferred Member
Apr 2, 2018
Try They are in Dublin,Ireland.I have done business over the internet with them.Good people

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