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Nov 28, 2012
So my first pipe was a Filtered Missouri hardwood. I also just bought a mini briar to smoke at work. But I'm in the market for a new everyday pipe. Any recommendations in the $50-$60 range?



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Dec 14, 2009
Birmingham, AL
Welcome aboard Rayje589!

So my first pipe was a Filtered Missouri hardwood.
I'm glad you survived. :D

I don't have any personal experience with Savinelli pipes but there are many Members who'll swear by them and not at them. :D

Check out some of the sponsors listed in the left column a little ways down.

That should help a whole bunch.

Remember the first rule of choosing a pipe.

If you don't like the looks of it, you'll never be happy with it.

So, choose one that suits your aesthetic sensibilities and you should be very happy.




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Jun 13, 2012
Welcome Ray!
+1 on the Sav
I have one very similar to this but a tad smaller and I absolutely love it!
Savinelli Baronet Bruyere (121 EX)
Mine is a Sav - Antique Shell 121. I's about 5 1/2 long with a 1 1/2 inch width bowl but I am not sure they make the Antique Shell line anymore. It's a great smoking pipe and sharp looking to me anyway but I am partial to the rusticated straight and bent stem pot shaped bowls.

Maybe I am wrong. Looks like Pipes and Cigars has two Antique Shell pipes in stock now. They are in a separate section from the other Savinelli's so Antique Shell may be the low end line but nevertheless wonderfully fun to smoke and super light. Great for driving. I like it every bit as much as my more expensive Savinelli Nonpareil.



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Nov 3, 2012
i have a couple missouri hardwoods they are good for when your watching football and you need something to throw at the tv. go ND by the way but anywho iv had a lot of good luck with kaywoodies they are cheap and if your new to pipes (as i am) those you cant really go wrong and with your price range you could get two.



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Jun 11, 2012
thats a great sav for the price that gwtwdbss posted. +1 on the sav's



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Jul 6, 2012
Here are a few Savinelli pipes for just over $50. I have a Savinelli, and it's a great pipe.
Here are some more from Savinelli. This page has pipes ranging from $40 to $70.
If you aren't interested in Savinelli, this link takes you to a page with different brands to choose from. Pipes here range from $25 to $60.
Welcome to the forum
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Jan 4, 2012
Dr.Grabow is great also, my first briar was an Omega and I now have many "estate" Grabow's along with some Kaywoodie's.I personally can't pick a favorite but those brands are my go to pipes, as they always smoke great, look good and are cheap.Especially estates.



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Nov 19, 2009
Chicago, IL
I have two Savinellis and they both smoke great. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Many pipes by Invicta are in your price range too, and the one I have is plain looking, but a very good smoker.



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May 4, 2011
I'm another guy who likes the old Kaywoodies, especially Flame Grain and Super Grain. Look for ones with 4-hole stingers and the 2-digit model number. Those are the best! You can get about 3 of those in great condition off the bay for your $60 and they won't do you wrong!



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Mar 15, 2013
Hey Rayje589. My first pipe was a light briar pipe, no branding, from the cheap bin. It definitely paid for me to move up to a higher range (higher than $50-60). Do you have any friends that make pipes? They might be able to make something custom for you. Having that personal connection with the pipe maker means a lot to me.



Nov 2, 2011
Another vote for Savinelli! I can also recommend Nording and Cassano. I own all of those pipes and can say they are all good smoking, nice looking pipes.



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Dec 28, 2012
Nothing wrong with grabbing 4-5 estates off Ebay with that $60. That way you can get into designating pipes for different types, and let the briar rest. You will also be able to try different bowls and stems to see what you like. You'll also see how bowl sizes can make a difference between blends. You will find some that are great smokers and will be your burner pipes years later when you start picking up the more expensive pipes.



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May 26, 2012
United States
It it were my money, I would save a little extra and go for this pipe. It is a great value and should be an awesome smoker with the nice thick walls.



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Sep 20, 2011
Another vote for a clean, quality estate pipe. You'll get a lot more pipe for your money and it'll already be broken in.
Harris I've had my eye on that pipe you posted for over a month!



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Mar 15, 2013
My Handcrafted McKie pipe was made with me in mind by a friend and I'd certainly recommend it



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Feb 21, 2013
Good new pipe bargains in the $40 to $60 range are Savenelli unfinished pipes. These are seconds and don't have

the balsa wood filters (which some don't want anyway). The other consideration is that they often have visible

fills. However, these fade quite a bit when smoking the pipe turns the briar a golden brown, similar to

Meerschaum. There are quite a few other bargains in new pipes. Iwan Ries has its own line of pipes,

Iwan Ries Exclusives, that are good Benton pipes, mostly, and perhaps now some Savenelli non-labeled

products. These run from $36 to $55. Shopping around, there are a lot of good, inexpensive new pipes,

for people who prefer new pipes, or want to have a "base line" experience before they venture into estate

pipes. I think it's fair to smoke something new before trying to evaluate something used. I enjoy my

Dr. Graybow Royalton bulldog and my Kaywoodie author (or apple?) Ruf Tone. I suspect the briar Yellow

Boles are good pipes, though I haven't bought one. And anyone starting out should have one filtered and

one unfiltered MM cob. We may never know what happened to the originator of this thread, or what pipe

he decided to buy. I leave these suggestions for anyone needing to enjoy pipes without having a lot of

money to spend. Sure is fun to break for big bucks -- whatever that means to you -- for a sublime pipe,

new or estate. But it's hardly necessary to enjoying tobacco pipes.



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Aug 14, 2012
I just got a catalog from Pipes & Cigars labeled June. There were a number of low priced pipe kits that looked interesting. One has a Bjarne, 2 tobaccos , pipecleaners, etc for $69.99



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Mar 19, 2013
At they have a wonderful selection of Comoys for under $50. Nothing fancy, just a good, solid pipe.