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Apr 17, 2019
So I have had a long standing question and figured maybe I would ask those who are more knowledgeable than I.
I live in a very humid state (FL) and I have found that "just leaving my tobacco out" to dry never really works due to the humidity. Even leaving tobacco in my "dry" closet for a week open hardly changes the dryness of my tobacco. What I usually do to combat this is set my oven to the lowest setting (170 F) and turn it off, wait about 5 min and place my tobacco inside for about 20ish min. My question is, for those who live in a very humid area, how do you dry your tobacco? Is there an easier way? I've tired the microwave method but I did not like the results. Or, do you guys just live and learn to love tobacco that's a little moist?



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Aug 9, 2013
In 99% humidity Alabama, I tend to use a coffee mug warmer most of the time. Nuke it for 8 seconds in the microwave, never any longer... Sometimes put it under a lightbulb, but this doesn't always make it drier. Leave it on my windshield in midsummer heat, and even this doesn't work sometimes.

Coffee mug warmer and microwave are my best options. YMMV
I will leave the top off of a tin, and set the whole tin on a coffee mug warmer and leave it overnight. Then put the top back on and smoke normally. Works for me.



Apr 17, 2019
That's actually a really good idea I would have never thought of myself. Thanks! I dont have a mug warmer but I do have a wax warmer that could fit a whole 1.75oz tin on that I can experiment with.



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May 12, 2015
Monterey Peninsula
For some in humid climates who use air-conditioning a lot, leaving it out—indoors— for a while may work fine.
I find the use of a small hygrometer both in the jar and to guage the ambient humidity a plus.



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May 26, 2012
United States
I live in Florida and have no trouble drying my tobacco. I keep my house at 73 and I have a whole house dehumidifier on my hvac system.



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Mar 16, 2019
Jacksonville, FL
I, too, live in FL. I have a tiny space heater. If a tobacco is too moist, I place it on a tray in front of it for 5-10 min before smoking. Works great. I stay away from it when it's hot :)



Senior Member
Feb 5, 2019
South Florida
Cigrmaster May have the simplest approach - I know I keep my south Florida house at 74 during the day and 71 while we’re sleeping and never felt any need to dry my tobacco..



May 16, 2017
I found a solution that works perfectly when there's too much moisture in the air (it was over 80% these days). A heat gun! No more worries, now my tobaccos from any tin are ready to go in 5-10 seconds. Feeling victorious. 💪😅