How to become an organ donor

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Jul 6, 2012
If you're in the states, just go to this site here,
A few weeks ago, I applied to become a bone marrow donor, and a few minutes ago, I was wondering how to become an organ donor. So, I went to google, found the above listed site, and signed up in less than ten minutes. It was that easy! So, if you're interested, or know anyone that is or might be, tell them about
18 people die each day, because there were no available organs.



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May 3, 2012
PLEASE folks, seriously consider becoming an organ donor. you absolutely positively cannot use these things once you're dead.



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May 4, 2011
It will be a bit more difficult for me to put your body back together with all your bones missing, but yes, you can still be embalmed and have an open casket funeral. Just in case you were wondering.



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Apr 17, 2012
This thread reminds me of a JOHN PRINE song. Chorus goes like this;
Please don't bury me

Down in that cold cold ground

No, I'd druther have "em" cut me up

And pass me all around

Throw my brain in a hurricane

And the blind can have my eyes

And the deaf can take both of my ears

If they don't mind the size

Give my stomach to Milwaukee

If they run out of beer

Put my socks in a cedar box

Just get "em" out of here

Venus de Milo can have my arms

Look out! I've got your nose

Sell my heart to the junkman

And give my love to Rose
Give my feet to the footloose

Careless, fancy free

Give my knees to the needy

Don't pull that stuff on me

Hand me down my walking cane

It's a sin to tell a lie

Send my mouth way down south

And kiss my ass goodbye
Seriously though, organ donor really makes good sense.



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Aug 14, 2011
There was a recent piece on NPR about organ donation.
When you apply to become an organ donor you are ALSO applying to be a tissue donor. Please be fully informed before you make the decision.
Your skin, bones, legiments, etc. will all be up for grabs.
It's a beautiful thing to donate your parts when you're done using them, but some of your tissue can be used for procedures that are cosmetic and not medically helping anyone. In other words people will make lots of money off your dead flesh. There should be a website where you can distinguish between which parts you'd like to donate and you should even be able to specify that they be used only for non cosmetic purposes, i.e. no plump lips for Miss Hollywood.
Do your homework people.



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Jul 5, 2012
+1. On the john prime. Barkar . I signed up to be a donor when I got my license renewed. But now minus one kidney. Lol