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Junior Member
Nov 26, 2011
After looking through eBay and Amazon, I finally purchased a gourd calabash!
Here is the link
Well, I think I got it for a pretty nice price... but I have never purchased an estate! Moreover, I have no experience with a gourd calabash whatsoever!
So if you have experience with restoring a pipe or calabash, could you tell me how I clean the meerschaum cup, inside of calabash and the stem please?



Preferred Member
Feb 8, 2012
I dont know alot about them but I see replacement meer bowls on ebay alot and they are not that expencive.



Preferred Member
Sep 13, 2010
Following the white rabbit
The bowl is cleaned same as any meer, you make sure a cake doesn't build. I wipe mine out with a paper towel after each smoke.
The gourd is easy, just dump out any ash that may be in there now and again.
Stem, just run a pipe cleaner through it once in a while. Due to the nature of the pipe the stem doesn't gunk up much.



Preferred Member
Mar 22, 2011
Clean the stem normally.
The Meerschaum cup should be removable. Wipe it down with alcohol and let dry.
Wipe out the gourd with a paper towel and a little bit of alcohol. Let it dry.
Easy Peasey.
You do know who Gary Schrier is, don't you?



Junior Member
Nov 26, 2011
Isn't he a prominent figure among pipe smokers? I believe he published a book or something...



Preferred Member
Nov 19, 2009
Chicago, IL
The price can't be beat.

You buy a pipe like this from an expert because he knows good pipes.

But did he dump it for exactly the same reason? :lol:
ps. Just kidding! The gourd 'bash is a wonderful smoker, and you can push it to the limit while your rotation rests.



Preferred Member
Jan 16, 2012
Jacksonville Beach Fl
Nice Calabash, at a good price to.
If the owner before kept it fairly clean then the guys on here have given the best advice. When I got mine it had several layers of crud in the goard. If this it the case with yours get some of the bristle pipe cleaners and a flexible bottle brush.
DO NOT DO THE SALT METHOD OR LEAVE THE ALCOHOL IN THE GOARD. The walls of the goard will absorb the alcohol and turn to mush.

Use the bottle brush and bristle cleaners dipped in alcohol and scrub the gunk off. Once you have gotten what you can you can swish alcohol inside the goard and pour it out the stem. Paper towel as much of the alcohol as you can. Then let it air dry standing up without the bowl in it. About 24 hours.
ALSO DO NOT LET THE CORK THAT HOLDS THE MEER BOWL GET WET. Use cork grease, it can be found at any musical instrument store. It helps keep the cork supple and helps to keep it from holding moisture.
The walls of the goard will color with use. Wax it with carnuba wax. And always let the goard sit up in a stand when not in use or drying.
Good luck with your pipe and be aware the bowl is big and they smoke rather fast.



Preferred Member
Dec 14, 2009
Birmingham, AL
Excellent and comprehensive advice Tokerpipes.

I will personally take the cork grease suggestion to heart.

That has never occurred to me.