Does Walnut bite? Let's check the reviews.

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Feb 18, 2011
0 has 66 reviews on Middleton Walnut. As an exercise, I compiled what was said about tongue bite:


:) No, it does not bite


*Lights easy, stays lit and if not pushed real hard, no bite.

*There is absolutely no tongue bite and it lights up easily...

*No trace of trying to bite.

*It taste good, Smokes good No real bite.

*It will not bite, I've tried to incite it, but it was no use.

*Always cool smoking without bite.

*A very nice smoke that never tried to bite and that did not gunk up my pipe at all.

*When smoked slow I experienced no bite at all.

*It does have superb burning qualities, doesn't bite and it is inexpensive...

*It has a nice aroma, burns well, and doesn't bite.

*There is no heat, bite, or harshness to this blend.

*It burns easily, never bites, and lasts long enough...

*Walnut also lacked a bite, even when I smoked it hot.

*I tried it because everyone said it smelled like s**t, but didn't bite.

*No bite was detected -- this was true for all the pipes I smoked with...


:( Yes, it does bite


*I've tried this in a briar and a cob, and it always bites me...

*It smokes hot, and doesn't need much coaxing to bite.

*The other characteristic I have noticed is a peppery nip on the tongue...

*At first, I was put off by the bite and the flavor was very one dimensional.

*Good aroma, but I'm experiencing a nasty chemical aftertaste and alittle tongue bite.

*Tongue bite is present, but at a much lesser extent than offerings...

*Somewhat of a bite, but nice flavor and great "car note".

*There is a little bite.



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Nov 19, 2009
Chicago, IL
Forsooth, thanks for taking the time to dig up this interesting little gem.

I wonder how many other interesting attributes we could discover in a similar way.

For instance, how frequently is Burley accused of bitterness, or described as being nutty? :puffy:



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Mar 21, 2010
Yes, individual body chemistry does play an important role in

experiencing 'bite'. I've not smoked Walnut, but I do smoke

Walnut Flake, and it has no bite.



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Aug 20, 2010
Lake Conroe, TX
Any tobacco will bite if smoked to aggresively. Walnut can bite if pressed but if smoked properly it does not. Alao a lot depends on the bosy chemisty, the pipe smoked in and moisture content of the tobacco.