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Aug 14, 2013
so i'm headed back to Afghanistan soon. i'm not sure if I will be able to transport pipes back when I return (i've seen guys try to bring hookahs and customs won't allow it if there is resin in it). anyways, i'm going to get a bag of mm seconds to take with me, but I don't know what is a good blend to take in bulk. I plan on trying lots if new blends while i'm there, and hopefully aquiring some new pipes, but any suggestions on an any season blend that can be smoked repeatedly without tiring and can be bought in bulk?



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Oct 18, 2013
Sorry to hear that you're heading back. There will be lots of opinions and it really depends on what you like.

H&H blends from Pipes and Cigars come in bulk at a good price.
Burley based Aro: Classic Burley Cake

Outstanding VaPer: Louisiana Red

Fantastic English / Balkan: Magnum Opus or Beverwyck
Also, can't go wrong with a nice big tub of Carter Hall or Prince Albert for a daily smoke.



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Jan 14, 2012
#1 on tub of Carter Hall, tub of Walnut, keeps almost forever, I don't know what to tell you about your deployment, mine was a long time ago, just be safe and come back home.



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Jan 27, 2013
+1 to the CH and PA, I've really come to love these old codger blends, they require no attention and little hassle.




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Sep 13, 2013
No pipe advice.
Ass down and head on a swivel! I am in your debt for your service, thank you!



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Aug 10, 2010
Cheshire, CT
First, and most important: thank you for your service. Come back to us safely.
During the year I spent in Vietnam, I regularly ordered pipes and tobacco from Fred Diebel and Ehrlich. When I left to come home, I left all my belongings behind except: my guitar in its case, my pipes, and about two pounds of tobacco. The dogs dutifully inspected my stash of tobacco, and I was cleared to board.



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Jun 23, 2013
First off, thanks for your service, and come home safely!

As for the baccy, if you're taking cobs, Carter Hall, Sugar Barrel or Prince Albert are all great choices!



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May 22, 2012
I would imagine they have pipes and tobacco to choose from there, I would pick tobaccos that are not easy to come by in that area.



New member
Sep 22, 2010
Thank you for serving our country!

I lived in West Africa for many years. I found bringing tins of Virginian flakes worked well. I was never hassled about my pipes they were always in my carry on back back.

Be safe!



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Aug 12, 2011
Thank you for your service . Good luck and God speed ! You can never go wrong with good ole Prince Albert :puffpipe:



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Sep 14, 2011
Sorry to hear you have to go back. Good luck and be safe.
One of the codger blends might do you well, considering your circumstances. I'd vote for Walnut. I'd also second the H&H Beverwyck.



Mar 3, 2011
My last stint in Afghanistan was winter '09/'10. I had a Peterson 80s and two basket briars. I was worried about customs also, but they didn't even bat an eye at them. I also had them in my carry on. You have to remember that hookas get a bad rap from the pot crowd.
As for tobacco, take what ever is tinned up and then plenty of ziplock baggies to keep open tins in. That will help keep it fresh. Also, I would set yourself up a "care package" for someone to send over to you a soon as you get there and get a solid address, so you can have a quick resupply. Then you can order from say, 4noggins, or pipesandcigars.
As for buying anything over there, I wouldn't count on that. I don't know where you are going to be, but the Afghans where I was (Marjeh) couldn't understand that it was just tobacco in my pipe. Plus I doubt the PX will have anything, that is if you are somewhere with a PX. The PX truck definitely won't have anything.
While I was there I tried a lot of different Peterson Blends while I was there. I liked those tins because I could throw a can, in a baggy, and then in my pack for foot patrols. Also, I found that Oakley hard cases for say M Frames or Half Jackets fit a pipe, cleaners, tool, and a ziplock with a day or two worth of tobacco fits nicely when you rip out the foam.
Also, you could take some briars and then right be for you leave mail them home. Just a suggestion.
Have a good tour and return home safely.



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Jul 24, 2013
Too many experienced pipers here for me to make a recommendations (although I'm surprised Lane's 1Q isn't mentioned?) but keep your head down and keep safe, soldier.



Aug 14, 2013
I appreciate the help everyone. especially you billbearcat. it's nice to hear from someone who has experienced the trip before. I think I'll take ur advice and set up a care package for when I get there, and just take enough to smoke for the first month