Capital Area Pipe Smokers meeting

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Sep 23, 2011
This Friday the 22nd in Fairfax VA. Please let Phil know you are coming by tomorrow night so he orders enough food.
RSVP, be sure to ask for directions.



Jan 25, 2010
You also should have received an email from UPCA regarding this, but if not...
Each year more and more pipe clubs are forming. The United Pipe Clubs of America (UPCA) would like to know how pipe clubs across the nation are organized and how they are operated whether they are affiliated with UPCA or not. We are requesting that you or someone in your club complete the online survey. The combined results of the survey will be made public. However, no specific club names or names of officers will be used. The anonymity of your club and its members may be assured. Only aggregated data will be presented. Further, please be assured that none of the information provided will be used by any other agent other than UPCA.
Please take the 2-3 minutes to complete the online survey at Note Question 7 does not work they way it should.
Thank you for your assistance with this project.