Brigham Filter Alternative

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Nov 19, 2014
Zurich, ON (Canada)
So, as mentioned in another post, I am selling off about 40 pipes in my collection, mainly because I don't collect stuff I don't use and I prefer pipes with filters.
I have 1 (of 3) Brigham's that I restored... patched the stem, cleaned, even restained a little to make it a warmer brown. Came out great so, it's staying.
That said, it takes those long maple tube filters. I prefer the 9mm charcoal... I like how it tastes, I like the extra resistance it ads as well.
I'm ordering some of the Brigham filters, figured before I do I'd see if anything else will fit in there that I can order/try at the same time. That or, any ideas on an easy conversion to make it take 9mm or 6mm charcoal filters?