Best Pipe Store in Seattle

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Nov 24, 2012
Does anyone know of a good store with good accessories, pipes and tobacco in the Seattle/Bellevue area? Newbie here. Thanks.



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Jun 14, 2012
I stopped in at the Tobacco Patch in Kirkland yesterday while in town visiting friends. Of the stores I've checked out up there, they had a good selection of pipes, an average selection of bulk tobaccos, and a good selection of tinned tobaccos. The guy didn't seem really knowledgeable, but he was helpful and patient while I smelled several of the bulk blends. Most of the stores there seem to be head shops with glass pipes and hookahs. The Tobacco Patch was a nice change.



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Oct 15, 2011
There's a Tobacco Patch in Bellevue also. They've got a pretty good selection of tinned tobacco, and a few cases with pipes. The Tinderbox in Tacoma has lots of bulks, a few tins and plenty of pipes.
On a side note, The Seattle Pipe Club meets second Wednesday night of every month at Smokey Joe's in Fife. They usually have a pretty fair spread of sample tobaccos, great company, decent food and drinks. Plus you get to smoke inside(it's a cigar lounge).



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Dec 21, 2011
Lets see, type in Tobacco Patch, Bellevue, WA in your browser, and it comes up; also at the top of this page is a store locator.



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Oct 11, 2012
When I was still living in the Redmond/Bellevue area, my favorite pipe store was the Tinderbox down in Tacoma (7926 South Hosmer Street, Washington, United States). Great selection of tobaccos, estate pipes in really good quality (bought a wonderful Karl Erik freehand bent egg there!). The Wine store in Redmond Town center has some bulk tobaccos, one of the is 1Q. The most disappointing pipe store in the Seattle area for me is the Kirsten store at Ballard locks. Also, check out the Cigar Plus in Renton, at 20 Southwest 7th Street (it's closed on Sundays though!). They also to appear well stocked in all things pipe.



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Oct 13, 2011
Puget Sound
If you will be in downtown Seattle, there is also a Tobacco Patch at 1906 Pike Pl, Seattle, WA. Tel: 206-728-7291. It is next to the Pike Place Market.

Remember the address because it's a bit difficult to find unless you know it is there. They have enough tins that I can always find something new to try when I stop by.
There are two Kirsten Stores in Seattle. It seems you can buy most things there except a Kirsten's pipe. 8O



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Nov 24, 2012
Thanks everyone. I bought my first pipe at the tobacco patch in Kirkland. Nice guy but didn't know pipes. I ask him to show me how to clean the pipe and he didn't know. On that note, I went back and treated myself to a birthday present. 2 pipes, 2 sample tobaccos, a nice lighter and some pipe cleaners. Happy birthday to me. :)



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Jun 2, 2011
There are two Kirsten Stores in Seattle. It seems you can buy most things there except a Kirsten's pipe.
As I discovered first hand when I was up there in June!



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Nov 16, 2008
St. Petersburg, FL
There's Tinderbox in Tacoma -



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Dec 6, 2012
Usually mail order everything since years ago the Briar shop closed. All we have is cheap cigarettes and crack pipe stores. Real sad. We have the population to support at least one shop.



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May 8, 2013
I have been looking long and hard for good pipe shop. If I am willing to drive two hours round trip I can go to the Tinderbox in Tacoma, this the best place there is around here it is a good shop. We also have Rain City Cigars in Seattle which is much closer to you and no one has mentioned it yet. They run a very nice place with about 15 nice bulk tobacco blends, no tins, a nice selection of new pipes. Yes the sad truth is that the best place in Seattle thinks of pipes a small sideline to their cigar business.
Living in Washington state is interesting. Our laws would look to be an effort put local tobacco retailers out of business and to push all tobacco sales to the Indian smoke shops. Sadly Indian smoke shops around here have no interest in tobacco pipes, or good pipe tobacco. I love my state, this is the only place I know of where most pipe and cigar smokers are outlaws. But weed is legal and easy to get without needing to drive more the a mile to get it.



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Mar 19, 2013
I don't go to Seattle if I can help it, but hop on I-5 and head to Tacoma. The Tinder Box on Hosmer (past the Tacoma Mall) is well worth the trip - nice people, good tobacco. The store doesn't have a lot of pipes, but they are planning on expanding that area. Go to for the phone number, directions, and a preview to see if you're interested.



Jul 4, 2011
All of the Tinderbox and Pipelane stores are long gone, except for Tacoma. I will put in a plug for the Fairhaven Smoke shop near Bellingham. They only have a few Vauen pipes, but they do have a decent selection of bulk tobaccos from Dan pipe, Stokkebye and so forth as well as a good selection of tins.
I can also recommend the Seattle pipe club as a great group with numerous activities and wonderful camaraderie.