Baccy, Bourbon, and Chocolate

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Dec 2, 2014
My usual way to put a cap on the day is to have a whiskey and a pipe, and read or watch a movie while I enjoy these two wonders. Tonight my wife returned from a family visit to the old country (Hamilton, Ontario), and she brought me back a big slab of Lindt Swiss Premium Chocolate from the duty free shop in the Toronto airport.....gorgeous stuff, even though I am not big on the sweets. So tonight, in addition to my usual glass of Maker's Mark on the rocks, and a nice deep bowl of Mac Baren's HH Vintage Syrian, I am munching away on this awesome Swiss chocolate.....what a lovely combo, the chocolate puts a nice touch to the nic/alcohol, plus all three flavors--Vintage S, Makers Mark, and the Lindt....a nice ride! A "Piecemeal Aromatic"smoking experience, par excellence!



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May 31, 2012
I mostly drink beer, but my boss has been sharing some whiskey with me lately and I actually like it, I used to not care for it at all.
And over the weekend I saw this great documentary which peaked my interest even more!





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Dec 5, 2012
Bronx, NY
Makers Mark has been my go to drink for quite a few years now, although I do love to experiment with small batch 'bourbons' that come around from time to time.
Chocolate, baccy, and bourbon.
What more could anyone want?
Ok, I can imagine some of the possible upcoming comments. LOL



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Jan 14, 2012
I think it would be a good combo, a co-worker would make Whiskey Balls for Christmas and Damn they were good and Stout.



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Aug 21, 2014
I think it would be a good combo, a co-worker would make Whiskey Balls for Christmas and Damn they were good and Stout.
My grandma was a teetotaler her whole life but she liked her bourbon balls at Christmas!


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Nov 3, 2013
This all sounds like a good idea to me! Back in the 70s, my first wifes mother used to make the best chocolate chip cookies, that I would enjoy with beer. She thought I was crazy until she went to Vienna to visit her brother, and all they did was eat chocolate with beer and wine. I still like really dark chocolate, usually about 85% coco fat, and will eat it with just about anything. I mostly like smoking latakia tobacco when eating it though.
booker: another Evan Williams fan here, hard to beat for the money! :worship:



Jul 4, 2012
SF Bay Area
I've been working on a bottle of Four Roses single-barrel lately.
But my favorite whiskey to have with a rich winter pipe is Balvenie 21 Portwood. Bwha!



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Jun 4, 2013
Anybody heard of Black Eagle, a brand of Kentucky Bourbon? It's a small batch bourbon a tad on the sweet side, no honey, and a bottle of 1.75ml is only around $20, at least at the store I get mine at. Pretty tasty too.



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Aug 20, 2013
Although I've been told by knowledgeable folk that wine has an all together, and savory, taste when paired, I'm a one substance at a time guy. It makes no sense to me to dilute my tobacco with soda or chocolate. Now I like both things and like them when I'm not smoking, but not together.