A Blessed Easter/Passover

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Senior Member
Feb 11, 2017
London, England
A very blessed Easter or Passover to all those forum members who observe these events.
Many of you will know that I have been retired now for nearly two months. I was a clergyman. The local church here where we have moved to had a small problem in that their minister was away in India and their assistant minister came down with pneumonia. So, they asked me to help out, which I was glad to do. Last Sunday I did the sermon and last night (Maundy Thursday/Holy Thursday) I conducted a special service to observe this. It was the first time I have done anything since I retired and just proves the old point that clergymen never really retire!
However you spend the weekend, may all your chocolate eggs be big ones! :puffy:



Preferred Member
Mar 28, 2018
Colorado Springs
May your Easter be blessed as well! I’ve been in ministry for 16 years now, and while many of my friends have retired from pay, they have not retired from work!



Preferred Member
Jun 11, 2017
Blessed Easter to all. I’m spending my holiday laid up, reading, lounging, smoking and enjoying family. Hope everyone is able spend quality time with loved ones this holiday.



Preferred Member
May 11, 2013
I’ve attended many celebrations in different faiths for Easter- the one we saw in Cusco, Peru on Monday night celebrating the Lord of the Earthquakes was unique... The Procession



Preferred Member
Oct 8, 2012
Happy Easter to all members and their families. Please enjoy the holiday and celebrate safely.



Preferred Member
Jun 26, 2016
Ham or turkey on the menu folks?
My in-laws get a fancy Berkshire ham that we get to dig into.



Preferred Member
Dec 22, 2013
New York
At this time of year, when families may or may not gather to possibly share in various unspecified sentiments of the holiday season, the Neutral family—Ben Neutral, Coco Neutral and little Charley Neutral—would like to take this moment to wish various persons viewing this message an Easter of some sort. Or not. Heres hoping your Easter is enviromentally low impact, gender neutral, non racist and sexually inclusive and differently abled. I hate this PC cr*p so light up your pipe, shave a lesbian, shoot at your favorite FDA target, have a few beers and tell the do gooders to f*ck off and get a life! Happy Easter/Passover folks and may your particular God go with you!