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  1. pylorns

    U.S. Congress Bill Would End Catalog/Internet Sales

    The bill is also complete poppycock and not based on reality. Like kids are actually opening up a mail-order catalog and ordering pipe and cigars....
  2. pylorns

    What Happened? Why the Site was Down...

    Sounds like a move to another server host is in order if that can bring the server provider down!
  3. pylorns

    Peterson 312 NAP Bit.

    I'm going to be doing my follow up article on this as well. Here was my first one: Mystery: The Peterson System Stem That Time Forgot -
  4. pylorns

    2019 West Coast Pipe Show Nov 2&3

    "Does it spin?" a question asked by our Austin Pipe Club Member to Scottie.
  5. pylorns

    2019 West Coast Pipe Show Nov 2&3

    I'll post a couple of pics shortly from my Saturday there.
  6. pylorns

    UPDATE: Traffic Increase Since Site Update

    All that SEO work, updated plugins for wordpress make a difference. Love it.
  7. pylorns

    Great News for Fans - Gawith Hoggarth & Samuel Gawith!

    I particularly liked his commentary on that too.
  8. pylorns

    Strong Tobacco?

    I managed to get some more tobacco from Indonesia last year I think, it's all done through facebook but yeah I haven't seen Tambolaka in a while.
  9. pylorns

    Going here? Sign Up -

    Going here? Sign Up -
  10. pylorns

    New Site Changeover: Going Again Friday, Sept. 6

    Yep, working ok so far, doing some testing now.
  11. pylorns

    In Memoriam: Ye Olde Forum 9/1/19

    Me suspects a hurricane has caused a bit of a slower roll out.
  12. pylorns

    Sutliff Molte Dolce (How Did It Take Me This Long?)

    Good review, and always good to see aros shine a little. Best advice you gave, let it dry out a little bit and it will burn great.
  13. pylorns

    Dunhill Tobaccos Rebranded as Peterson

    Ah, from the proverbial horse's mouth, thanks, Leonard!
  14. pylorns

    2019 Texas Pipe Show Oct 12th at Pop's Safari Room in Fort Worth

    Join us Saturday, Oct, 12th 2019 at Pop's Safari Room in Fort Worth Texas for our Annual Pipe Show! This year's slow smoke is sponsored by Saddleback Leather Company, all registrants will receive a Pipe Bag from them, a custom cob from Missouri Meerschaum, tamper, and special soon to be...
  15. pylorns

    TROOST ?

    Van Roosens' Troost? I think they stopped production totally STG was making it and you could get it reliably from for a long while but I think a year or 2 years ago they said...