Why are Dunhills so costly?

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Jul 30, 2010
Norman, Oklahoma
Alright I am going to step in here and address one or two things, which are these comments....
I think I will be migrating to other forums from now on. I mean Holy shit! I never thought I'd find myself on a pipe forum, of ALL places, defending a Dunhill pipe!
Put it this way: If we were all to smoke Dr. Grabow pipes and if we were all to smoke Lane's 1Q, where would that leave enterprises like smokingpipes.com, GLP, Uptowns etc. What I am saying, is that some of what's behind pipe smoking, at least to me, is selling a dream. Isn't everything about selling a dream? I like the dream. I buy into it, quite literally, and that's good business for the folks who sponsor this site. So poopooing Dunhills, JT Cookes, and other high end pipes, trashing English and Blakan blends etc. is simply not good for business. There I said it. That's my two F#%King cents worth!
And this is directed at everyone, not just Kashmir (if he hasn't left already). This is a forum, which is defined as "an assembly, meeting place, etc., for the discussion of questions of public interest." No where does it say anyone here has to be loyal to any brand of pipe or like any brand of tobacco, this here is a place for everyone to voice there opinion, questions, or ramblings and it be heard by like minded individuals. No one here has to agree on anything and everyone can have their own opinions. So far in my tenure on Pipesmagazine.com everyone has handled themselves like gentlemen and ladies. Even when I am certain everyone has most likely had conflicting views with at least one person, yet they can hold a conversation and be civil. I thank everyone for that because I know it can be hard sometimes. That is why these posts rub me the wrong way...

You want to know why I can get away with saying that I hate all pipes made by Nording because the smoke hole is always off center? (I don't by the way) Because I am a person with an opinion, by saying I hate Nording I am not hurting this website I am voicing an opinion, which I have every right to do. If anyones opinions and thoughts on a single manner rub you so wrong that you want to leave and never come back then so be it that is your choice and neither I nor anyone here will tell you you are wrong for doing it. Just realize the door is always open for you to return....
One last thought, if you leave for another forum do you honestly believe everyone there will not have their own thought on the subject? I am on Smokers Forum fairly often and I have seen posts JUST LIKE this one. I really hope you find what you are looking for in a forum, I am sorry it wasn't Pipemagazine.com.
I am sure I didn't make too much sense but I hope I did... I am not being a good Moderator in this thread and I apologize to everyone, including Kevin and Lawrence.



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Nov 16, 2008
St. Petersburg, FL
This is what I get for looking at my email on my phone when getting up to to pee and get a drink of water.
I scanned this thread earlier today and then moved on to other more pressing things, but now after getting emails from Lawrence and Jeremiah, I'm booting up the laptop at 2:30 in the morning because I can't go back to sleep over something kind of stupid.
I'm not sure where to begin, so here goes in random order ...
1. IMO, people that bash Dunhills do so because they can't afford them and are jealous of people that can.
If that offends you, then I have struck a nerve, and you took it personally and proved me right.
If that makes anyone want to leave, then don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. And fucking grow up.
2. I'm not begging anyone to stay or leave. Come and go as you please. The reason we have grown into such a large, prominent community (in only 2.5 years) is because - a) this is the friendliest and most fun forum that exists in the pipe world, b) we do not put up with snobbery, c) we have, for the most part, intelligent and mature members.
3. As to the overall site itself - yes, we are different. This is the ONLY site targeted to pipe smokers that is a 100% professional, commercial endeavor. All the other INFORMATIONAL pipe sites are run by hobbyists, on a part time basis who happen to have "real" jobs.
I, on the other hand, do this for a living. I am a businessman that happens to be a pipe smoker. I'm certainly never ashamed to pull out one of my five Dunhills to smoke while I'm at a pipe show either, and no one ever laughs when I do. No one is ever phased by it either, which is fine because I didn't buy them to impress anyone.
I think it's awesome that I personally watched Brad Pohlmann sell a $2,200 pipe at the Chicago show. Will I ever spend that much money on a pipe. Probably not, but do I feel the need to go on a long diatribe about how stupid it is that someone else did? No. Like I said, I think it's awesome. More power to the buyer and seller.
The best posts here are Hauntedmyst's first post and Cortezattic.
I suggest you go back and read them again.


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Mar 22, 2011
Edgewood Texas
1. IMO, people that bash Dunhills do so because they can't afford them and are jealous of people that can
Thats it, I'm leaving too !
Heheh. I dont have any personal experience with Dunhill, though I have pipes that cost as much.

I've heard more than one story of people going into Dunhill shops and being told "perhaps Dunhills just aren't for you" because they weren't the right "class" of people.

For me that type of snootiness is enough to leave them on the shelf for others.

I like more freedom in the style of pipes anyway, and when I spend big money on pipes its almost always Italian.


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Oct 29, 2010
Oops,...after going back and reading every word of the thread, I may owe one poster an explanation, if not an apology.
I had thrown out an arbitrary price and said something like "If you smoke a $500 pipe, who gives a %#@*?"

After reading the post preceding mine just this morning...for the first time I saw where the poster had made mention of a $500 Dunhill.

So of course it looks like I was directing that smart-alec remark at him,...which of course I wasn't.
My bad. :oops:



Apr 26, 2010
I've owned two dunhills in the past and I got rid of them both. They were good pipes, the fit and finish were solid and they smoked just fine. I saw some other pipes and things I wanted and they got the axe. I know they are costly by reputation and I respect that.
Many people who might knock Dunhill as overpriced only validate it in the end, with comparisons of pipes "that smoke just as good as any dunhill.". Making a comment like this sets dunhill as a benchmark...which they've earned in many ways.
I can't cast any stones here because I did some purse swinging last year regarding the box pass, but I will say that this thread was a bit inflammatory from the start, and it ended not far from where I imagined.
I hope kasmir sticks around, he put a lot of effort into his GLP Westminster review. I bought two tins because of it. That kind of user created content is important to any site like this. His preferences seem a bit under represented, at least so far as user created content is concerned. I'm happy to indulge anyone's tastes in pipe tobacco if they are going to post reviews like his.
The price of pipes should only concern the buyer and their regard to the value they are receiving. The price is what you pay, the value is what you purchase. If price and value aren't a match, you'll either call it cheap or expensive and you'll never be happy with you decision, don't make these purchases.

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