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Jan 18, 2023
So, Im only a year in and I think I made a mistake I caught early. What I thought I was doing was make life easier for myself by getting a few pounds and putting them gallon jars as I smoked 2oz at a time ( i smoke 3-4 bowls a day) The idea was because they are english’s I didn’t really care about aging them i just wanted one big thing to access without sifting through a bunch of jars to get to the ones i needed.

Then for some reason Im reading around the forums and came across a thread talking about cellaring and advising to basically NOT doing that. So I was wondering if it would be advisable to transfer these into smaller jars now or just leave them alone and in the future put them in smaller jars.

I only bought 3 pounds (pound each of the english i like) that are a few months old and probably contain 12-14oz each at the moment.
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Feb 6, 2019
Richmond Virginia
A lot of us have done that and how you proceed is entirely up to you. I just left my large jars alone, at least for now. I’m definitely not as likely to dip into them if I have smaller jars available. Going forward I will continue to use smaller jars because it’s convenient for me. I don’t think it will hurt the tobacco to move it into smaller jars and if you want to now is the time. If it were me I’d just leave it because going forward you’ll have plenty of small jars.
Oct 3, 2021
Southeastern PA
I guess it all depends on the speed at which you are smoking them. 3 pounds wouldn't take all that long to go though if you were smoking 3-4 bowls/day. Assuming the avg sized bowl, at 3-4 bowls per day, it would take you less than 6 months to smoke all that...if those 3 pounds of tobacco were the only tobaccos you were touching.

roughly 3 grams of tobacco/bowl, 3x per day, roughly 1361 grams in 3 pounds = 151 days = 5 months
roughly 3 grams of tobacco/bowl, 4x per day, roughly 1361 grams in 3 pounds = 113 days = little less than 4 months

If you want to have aged tobacco for the future because of letting the flavors merge and mellow or because of inflation, then seal them up in ball jars or mylar and don't touch them for a few years.


May 20, 2023
Connecticut (shade leaf tobacco country)
For me I buy 5 lbs at a clip for things that are sold at that level like 507C and Newminster 400 and 1 lb otherwise like Arango Balkan, Sutliff Match 20, and Fr. Dempsey. I use half gallon jars and get between a pound and half to two pounds per jar. I use smaller jars to "decant". So I have 32 and 16 for those I use more often and those that are just occasionally used. For blends I'm building a stock of I will move the tobacco from smaller to larger jars as they fill up. For me aging is just a by product of having more than I can use in given time and buying in bulk to save cash. I'm not deliberately buying to age. I like variety and sales are hard to pass up. Like the 20 percent off bulk CD at SP this week I grabbed several kinds. My state will likely ban flavors because they've tried a few times already. Probably start to ban others so I'm preparing as well. Remember I also compress tobacco into the jars to get more in and vacuum seal them. This is not recommended by some. But it works for me.
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Jan 18, 2023
I've still got tobacco from a few years back still in bulk bags that are just fine. I wouldn't worry about it.
Ive read somewhere here that you use 8 or 16oz jars exclusively is that still the case for you? I think for me bulk is the way to go. I was hoping just dipping into the gallon jars as needed would be ok over time. But i don't want to ruin loads of tobacco so I’m trying to figure out a system to use in my space. And be accessible