What Your Pipes Smell Like?

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vaguely pipey. Kind of like that smell you get when you are looking at the bulk jars at a smoke shop reading descriptions that barely invite curiosity. Like that smell but more. All of them smell like that except the Peterson apparently cause the cat loves the way that one smells, which makes me suspect that Peterson has trained mice doing the carving of their pipes.


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May 20, 2017
Arizona (Casa Grande)
A hot water flush down the chamber and out the stem does a lot with little work in keeping pipes fresh and clean. Not cleaner than clean, nor Springtime Fresh Clean®, but way better than before.

Also, I'd not remove the stems so often.
MINTY! Just kidding! - LOL I hate that word.


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Feb 22, 2019
Rockvale, TN
why does it matter if the tap water is hard?
I’m not 110% certain it would, but my guess would be it’d form a hard white layer in short order. Example: we have to soak our shower-heads in CLR every couple of months, and I don’t want that same water that clogs those openings in my pipes. Yuck! CLR is a big player in our cleaning products arsenal.

There’s a lot of calcium & magnesium, etc. in our water. In my area of Middle Tennessee we’re all essentially on top of a gigantic bed of limestone. It’s woven its way into the bottom of our steel cooking pots, etc. and does it ever build up quickly.

It’s weird when I travel to places without hard water. I’ll be in the shower forever, thinking “Why won’t the soap rinse off, FFS?” lol
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Sep 9, 2017
Well, let me see... recall... the water here is very hard too. Last time the water softener failed, I had a shower and came out with my hair plastered in thick clumps that felt arenose as hell. I wouldn't want the draught hole of my pipes to end like that. Of course, the softener is running now, but still.
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