What tobacco can replace SG FVF?

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Jun 11, 2020
Pittsburgh, PA USA
The actual direct replacement is the Impossible FVF (c) from the Impossible Tobacco Company (tm).

Until now, the Impossible Foods Company (tm) only dealt with meats and ensured that you couldn't tell the difference between meat and their products (after a few shots that is). Well now they have come to the rescue of all of us who wish that we could get those unicorn tobaccos.

They start with Impossible Penzance (c) which most smokers won't be able to identify from the "real" penzance as the creamy latakia comes from rutabaga protein. Then comes Impossible FVF (c) which gets its wonderful meaty flavor from beets. Last, there is Impossible Original Condor Plug (c) which gets its incredible, incomparable aroma from an actual grandmother's used panty drawer.

Look for the new Impossible Tobaccos (tm) coming soon to a retailer near you.

(Any offense, real or implied, is not intended by the above satirical post. It is used for humor purposes only and should be immediately disregarded.)
lol, sadly, I have none of the above. I do have several plugs of "possible" Condor Plug, but no Impossible Original Condor Plug. Fortunately never had the impossible, so I actually enjoy my possible version.

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Starting to Get Obsessed
Feb 19, 2021
New Jersey
I do like both Full Virginia Flake and Best Brown Flake, which are returning to these shores soon. If you were needing something stateside immediately, you might try Peretti's 150th Anniversary Virginia Flake.
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Aug 20, 2013
To want what you can't have is human but it is necessary to admit that it is a logical impossibility.


Part of the Furniture Now
Nov 13, 2019
Oakland, CA
FVF is a special VA for sure, but Capstan Blue has "replaced" it for me. They are not exactly apples to apples, no doubt, but I find Capstan much more enjoyable both in flavor and in user friendliness.

FVF is bold and, well, "Full", whereas Capstan is more medium (until you reach the end of the bowl). I keep both on hand, but I reach for FVF far less often primarily because it requires dry time. Capstan Blue is always ready to go, and you don't have to hunt it down as it is seemingly always in stock.