What Music Are You Listening to? - March, 2023

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Oct 16, 2011
Now playing Mark Knopfler - Shangri-La
I robbed a bank full of dinero
A great big mountain of dough
So it was goodbye Compañero
And cheerio

I couldn't stay and face the music
So many reasons why
I won't be sending postcards
From Paraguay
From Paraguay
From Paraguay


Oct 13, 2015
Roger and I share a birthday today (He's two years older).
Here he is two weeks ago, in a live performance of "You Better, You Bet"

Roger was a mod, always thought you were more of a beatnik (that’s a compliment btw). Just caught up on this months thread, some great tunes lads!👍
Belated greetings to @dino….who, I believe is from Chicago & likes his jazz. So, happy birthday, Chicago style!


Jul 9, 2011
Thanks simong!
Loved the Brit Kenny Ball!
Here's the real thing. This is from a TV show from 1968 with Chicago pianist Art Hodes and, among others, "tailgate" trombonist George Brunies, who was an original member of the pioneering jazz group The New Orleans Rythm Kings.
I got to know George in his later life, as he used to come in and shop at the grocery store where I worked as a teen. He was shocked that I knew who he was and about his career. I always helped him select the freshest garlic for his étouffée, he was quite a Cajun cook. He always wanted to sneak me into the club where he played, down the street from the grocery store, the famous 1111 Club on Chicago's Northside. Although I was 17, I looked older. I went a few times (nobody hassled me) and I got to see him live.
And so, here is "I've Found a New Baby."