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Jul 10, 2018
Las Vegas
Displays, sales, & camaraderie.

It's a great way to meet people face to face as well as putting eyes/hands on specific pipes that you don't normally get to see.

I walk around with a pipe in one hand and a drink in the other, chatting with people, and my wallet on fire.


May 6, 2011
Olathe, Kansas
There are numerous activities at a show but it depends on which ones you go to. You just can't beat the collection of people who show up at these things. Everything from newbie smokers to heads of major tobacco producers. To me the best part is all the carvers that show up.
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Dec 29, 2010
Pacific NW
You can also talk with blenders and sample new tobaccos (depending on the show, check who's coming). And some have seminars so you can learn alot too. And the camaraderie is great, where else can you be among so many pipe smokers?
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Jan 28, 2018
Sarasota, FL
One part of a pipe show is the exhibits from pipe, tobacco and accessory manufacturers. You generally have a number of pipe carvers there or even enthusiasts who sell tobacco and pipes. There's also the fun side of meeting and smoking with other pipe smokers. Which is great! If there's a decent show in your general area, I'd recommend attending if at all possible. The larger shows, such as Chicago, are incredible and must attends if you can manage it.
Lots of people go there, trying to buy pipes for as low a price as possible, from people who go there to try to sell their pipes for as much money as possible. puffy
The art is in taking as much money away from you, while making you feel like you are getting a deal.

Really though, if you are not going to meet other folks who share your hobby, you'll be very disappointed. It's all about being social. That's where the magic is.


Mar 7, 2013
Emptying your wallet for travel expenses, hotel stays, cover charges, pipes, tobacco, presentations, and sometimes hands on workshops.

Not much of that.

Overtly greedy people don't bnother with small, specialized hobbies. Politically radioactive ones (tobacco usage), especially.

The money that changes hands in the PipeWorld is much more fair-minded "fair value offered / fair value received" thing than is found in the world at large.

I've been around pipe shows since their inception, and can assure you that the vast majority of them consider it a financial success if they simply make enough to do it again the next year, or, sometimes, just break even.


Jul 7, 2013
I love pipe shows. Sometimes I buy, sometimes I don't, but in either case I have a good time. For me it's primarily about seeing old friends and making new ones.


Starting to Get Obsessed
Mar 22, 2018
Most shows are about vendors being able to show wares and do a bit of marketing. The people go to get some deals and put pipes to faces. I've gotten some good deals there over the years
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Can't Leave
Aug 18, 2014
Would love to go to a show some day. The closest one I know of is the KC show which is about a 6 hr drive.

I haven't seen another pipe smoker in the wild since I started this journey seven yrs ago. My head would probably explode.
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