What Cigar are You Smoking?

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Aug 21, 2019
Montecristo Petit Edmundo


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Apr 29, 2017
Minnesota USA
I couldn’t decide what pipe to pick up this morning, so I elected to grab a cigar.

In the mood for something on the mild side. I slid out a tray and a Varina Farms Breakfast Blend Toro was front and center.

A light cinnamon and cedar note on the light up. Citrus notes on the retrohale.

At the halfway mark, I’m picking up a white pepper note; the profile changes to an oak, leather with the cedar-cinnamon taking a back seat. There’s some creaminess to the smoke now too.

Hitting the last 1/3rd, and the strength has notched up a few marks. Smoke output is voluminous. There’s a salty, nutty, slightly bitter taste, interspersed with some floral sweet notes.

Construction of the cigar was top notch; burned wonderfully, although the burn was wonky in the first third. It most likely would have corrected itself, but I did a burn to correct it, and no issues beyond that.

I don’t remember what I paid for these... I bought a couple boxes 6-7 years ago, probably 3-4$ a stick. I smoked a few fresh and then left them to sit. Having recently smoked one after a few pipes, I think these really shine if smoked with a fresh palate.



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Nov 13, 2019
That great huh? 🤣
See who thinks it’s good? There you go

construction? Garbage
Burn? Horrible
Flavor? Maybe it has some 🤔
The whole thing became spongy and kept wanting to go out. It was almost like a joke cigar.

I paid $2 and feel ripped off

hint: if a cigar burns like that immediately after lighting it’s got terrible construction
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