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Jun 23, 2019
Slow Monday at work so let's sneak in a bowl - the subtly delicious Rose of Latakia in this Nate King meerschaum prince I've been trying to color for years...:


The Clay King

(Formerly HalfDan)
Oct 2, 2018
Chesterfield, UK
Smokin' Out The Window Medieval Style:
My comment from YouTube:
Got my clay pipe lit from the blacksmith's forge at the Viking / Redcoat re-enactments I went to this year!
Reply from the uploader:
Hark, noble friend!

'Tis a tale most wondrous! To have thy clay pipe kindled at the forge of a blacksmith during Viking and Redcoat re-enactments is a truly immersive experience.

May the echoes of our bardcore melodies carry thee back to those noble times with each note played.

Thank thee for sharing this enchanting moment with us, and mayhaps our music continueth to transport thee to realms of old.


  • Cromford pipelighter.JPG
    Cromford pipelighter.JPG
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Nov 30, 2020
Sydney, Australia
That is truly original. How does it smoke? Does the ivory not burn? Awesome looking pipe though!
Yes, I fell in love with its looks when I came across it years ago.
And because it was so different from my briars. 😏

No, the ivory doesn’t burn.
It feels very cool in hand - because of the deeply carved surface. It barely gets warm.
It gurgles a lot because of the poor drilling. ☹️
I will use a few meer chips the next time to see if it will help with the gurgling.
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