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Starting to Get Obsessed
Jul 18, 2023
Western NY
Some C&D SOTE from 2015 in my "upside down" rusticated GBD.
I got this pipe "new old stock" from a tobacco shop that closed down in the late 1980s. I got it in about 2010 from another local cigar shop.
The pipe s great and smokes Latakia blends fantastically.
But, the stem is upside down.
The stem only fits properly one way.....upside down.
This GBD has a stamped logo which is tough to take a picture of on my Kindle. And the stem is gross...clean but gross looking. :rolleyes:


Sultan of Smoke
Aug 31, 2012
Enjoyed a tall stack of cinnamon raisin French toast with a golden delicious apple on the side for lunch. Did a set of walking reps, and near the last quarter of this bowl of year 2016 D&R Three Sails in an undated straight brush etched black Molina apple with a nickel band and a tapered black vulcanite stem. Gold Star Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy, neat, is my drink.


May 29, 2023
“Tobacco Row “Richmond Virginia USA
do You find those wind covers useful?I guess It is practically impossible to operate Pipe tamper with this gadget?
Yes, they work like a champ when you need it. I have to pop it off to tamp but it’s worth the hassle. Especially on that pipe as It’s a yard beater and usually in my tractors toolbox which is where it came from to let that Reverse Calabash cool down.
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Jun 23, 2019
Got the NY Knicks on the big screen and a bowl of Rose of Latakia loaded in this Doctor's Bamboozled Billiard:



Nov 14, 2020
I don't know how they source their flavorings so I can't answer your question. I do have a review of it posted at TR, though.

The metallic smell seems to of dissipated, but just odd, where did this come from in the first place, which is the thing that had me worried. 🤔

Now it’s a subtle vinegar soapy anise smelling VA.

An ambulance and fire truck showed up this morning for one of my neighbors. 🚑 🚒

All I know is, when an ambulance and fire truck shows up at your house the next day after smoking War Horse Bar, maybe it’s an omen, time to quit this stuff! LOL rotf

Thanks for the reply Jim, be well, and don’t let those cats over take the house LOL 😆 🐈 🐈‍⬛ 🐱
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