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Sultan of Smoke
Aug 31, 2012
Not far from finishing this bowl of year 2014 Edgeworth Ready Rubbed Match in a dark brown medium bend grain etched 1970s Preben Holm Ben Wade Prominence B freehand with a black vulcanite stem. Going to try sleeping once this bowl is finished. Molly's settled down, now.
Preben Holm Ben Wade Prominence B.jpg


Starting to Get Obsessed
Jul 18, 2023
Western NY
That sounds familiar. It is probably less rural here than you are. I don’t think we’d have tagged problem bears released so close.

My property backs onto a large section of forest where the bears come out of on well established paths. In the fall they come to feast on the wild apples growing all over the place.

What makes the bears around here a problem is that some people in my neighbourhood leave garbage outside their houses waiting for the pickup day and the bears are drawn to that as an easy food source. I’d say it’s more of a human caused problem here than the wildlife’s fault.

Your property sounds like pure heaven for a black bear. If it unfortunately comes to the bear meeting an untimely demise, then it may just wake up in the exact same place in its afterlife with the addition of a flourishing apiary.
We are very rural.
Our closest neighbor is 1/2 mile away and most in the community are Amish. Our village has 450 people but they are spread out......and the Amish tend to have a lot of kids. :)
Our property was once an apple orchard so there are 50+ apple trees spread out. Then there are tons of wild berry bushes.
We have an electric fence around our bee hives, but the bears are still attracted to them. It almost might be worse with the fence. It seems the honey attracts them, then when they cannot get to the honey, they search for other food. Over the years the bears have not caused a single issue. They haven't dug up any gardens, they haven't hurt any livestock or pets......but the same can't be said for the coyotes. It took several years to get them under control. Im a huge proponent for not killing wildlife unnecessarily. I am a hunter but only for food.....I have no issue with trophy hunters necessarily....its just not my thing. I did have to eliminate three coyotes, and my dogs took care of three. Most people around here just shoot every one they see. The coyotes ARE a big problem around here. I just rehabed a colt that was attacked by some coyotes.
But, we haven't lost a single animal to wildlife in almost a decade.
This is the third black bear they have relocated near us in the last 20 years.
There is a town of 30,000 about 20 miles from us.
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