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Dec 31, 2012
For the first time in months I've sat down for a bowl, been so busy I haven't had the time. I'm SO relaxed right now, sitting outside on my deck, a to do list a million miles long. I forgot how calming it is to just sit and smoke a bowl; being forced to wait it out. I've missed this so much.

Some Shepherds Pie in my straight Brigham.


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Oct 2, 2018
Chesterfield, UK
Late 19th century LHE (unidentified) with clay churchwarden style bowl and inset mesh 'barrier' to prevent moisture from the smoker reaching the tobacco as well as providing a small space below to cool the smoke:-

View attachment 86684View attachment 86685
View attachment 86678

Briar was also used for the same purpose ...
View attachment 86686

... as was chromed steel:-
View attachment 86687

An alternative method was the removable bowl leaving space underneath to form what is known in Falcon parlance as a 'humidome' or reservoir designed to trap moisture and cool the smoke:-
View attachment 86688 View attachment 86689View attachment 86691
@virkia A shame to smoke those vintage clay pipes; can't get rid of the baccy smell from them!
You once said I'd have a hard time choosing a clay pipe to break in, or just break!
I'll be smoking a clay pipe when I go to the Pirate Festival next month in Matlock Bath.
Dad thinks I spent all day when I went to see the Sealed Knot at Bolsover Castle trying to light my clay pipe; it was cold and windy ?️ for the time of year and I needed a warming blast of pipe smoke!
One of the re-enactors I met said he needed a smoke of tobacco to get his fire ? going!
Had a bit too much beer ? and pipe weed today - it went down well though!
The only way to control my clay pipe smoking is to get rid of my lighters and pipe tobacco; I'll send Jamie some of the baccy to smoke in the clay pipes I gave him!


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Jun 19, 2021
Today, I decided to treat myself. Today, is Davidoff day.
First stick I've ever had from them. Loved it. Light bodied, myriad nuanced earthy flavors.63E2788F-F8C8-485B-B364-4C4431E82612.jpeg
Then, a bowl of Danish Mixture because I want to eat a some sort of honeyed pastry but I can't. 035719B4-4FF4-4BD8-B304-5675DE2FCCC1.jpeg
Likely, today will end with Flake Medallions in this new Moonshine Stublin with some seriously serious birdseye on the flanks.
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