What are You Listening To? ~ September 2022

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Jan 31, 2011
RIP Robby Steinhardt (first of the original Kansas lineup to depart from us).

Your future is managed, and your freedom's a joke
You don't know the difference as you put on the yoke
The less that you know the more you fall into place
A cog in the wheel, there is no soul in your face

Big Brother is watching and he likes what he sees
A world for the taking, when he's ready to squeeze

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Part of the Furniture Now
Aug 31, 2021
Northern Germany
Got pretty drunk again and day became night.
Barely an hour before midnight and I think it's time for some Verne Langdon and his Vampyre At The Harpsichord with Carnival Of Souls.

Makes me want to take my sorrows below a dark ships deck and drench the hull in a thick fog and smog of smoke. But there's never any smoking below deck so I send the clouds down the stream.
Hoping to sleep soon and to not dream a wicked dream.
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Part of the Furniture Now
Jul 14, 2022
I go through the same thing. A few years ago I left a shitty architecture firm to got work construction on an old employer's house he was renovating until I found something better. That summer could be defined by Brown Bird's Salt for Salt album, specifically the track Fingers to the Bone, as that was pretty much the only thing I listened to ony hour drive home for 6 months.
My fav song by them:

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