What are You Listening To? ~ September, 2021

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Preferred Member
Oct 16, 2011
Now playing Steely Dan - Aja.

I was front row center for Larry Carlton last night. His band was phenomenal. Keith Carlock was on drums. Mind blowing. The horn players were some Nashville studio guys. Best sax tone I’ve ever heard.

They ran down a bunch of Steely Dan tunes. Black Cow grooved even better than on the album. So good.


Preferred Member
Apr 14, 2014
Central Ohio
Every Saturday morning when I was a kid (mid 70's), my Mom would load up the Magnavox console, stack about six Elton John and Neil Diamond records and start cleaning the house............ when the stack played through she'd ask if I could flip them over, which I always did............
Neil gets a lot of flak, I know, but his music is "comfort food" for me.........
Takes me back to a special time in my life, when everything was simple, no cell phones, computers, deadlines........... just a 10 year old kid enjoying these tunes......
I can still remember the smell of the dust burning off those old tubes in that Magnavox..........
Ahhh........ memories............ Miss my Mom.............


Preferred Member
Jul 10, 2018
Las Vegas
Another interesting one. This is apparently Russian folk music mixed with metal. It's pretty good and is an interesting audio juxtaposition so to speak.

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May 26, 2012
Sarasota Florida
I found a new version of Pink Floyd's Pulse concert. I love cranking the piss out of Pink Floyd live shows. My Denon receiver with Cerwin Vega 15XL speakers and a Klipsch powered sub, and a sound bar for watching tv is in my living room. In my bedroom I have some Cambridge Sound Works speakers, a Denon receiver a nice sound bar when I am watching just tv and not stereo music. I also have a powered sub with this system but am not sure of the brand, but it is a pretty good one as I don't buy lousy equipment. It is probably a Klipsch as I always have bought that brand for years.


Feb 4, 2021
Seattle, WA
Speaking of Grai... check out Alkonost and Arkona as well. This is one of my other half's favorites by Alkonost, which is a song about believing in yourself: "The Song of Power."

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Aug 20, 2013
Been listening to the band for a while, though now I use their songs as practice for my mongol course as well.
Here's the acoustic version of one of their sadder songs. (In short, it is sung by the parents to their son as he's sent off to war)

Hey, that's fantastic, almost utterly original except for overtones of the didgeridoo. So these guys are Mongolian?


New member
Aug 31, 2021
Hey, that's fantastic, almost utterly original except for overtones of the didgeridoo. So these guys are Mongolian?
No didgeridoo there, that's done completely vocally through mongolian throat singing styles, Khoomei and Kargyraa. (The bit at the end in particular is some of the finest Khoomei I laid my ears on)

And yes, they're mongolian. Fairly new band, do modernized folk songs, rock and some covers. They received the order of Chinggis Khaan, the highest award a civilian may receive in Mongolia, for promoting their culture.

I hope to soon be able to replicate some of their songs. Been on a mongolian course for a couple months now and am working on the throat singing.
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