What Are You Listening To? ~ Nov. 2020

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Preferred Member
Apr 5, 2020
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
When Nobel laureat Robert Zimmermann released his so far longest opus, @ssjones asked the forums' members to display their favourite longest songs. He kicked of with Floyd's 'Echoes' (1971, 23:31), which is hardly to beat. Now I found this very long live version of 'I Can't Keep From Crying, Sometimes' by Ten Years After.(1975, 20:19) Does this count?



Preferred Member
Oct 16, 2011
Now playing Steely Dan - Everything Must Go

I'm learning how to meditate, so far so good
I'm building Andria Doria out of balsa wood
The days really don't last forever
But it's getting pretty damn close
And that's when I remember the things I miss the most


Preferred Member
Apr 14, 2014
Central Ohio
I've met Dave and Gillian a few times over the years.............. I've been a fan since the mid '90's.
I named my middle daughter Gillian, in 1998...........
I like this song/video............... :)
................. and I always wanted one of those Nudie suits................ Now I couldn't fit my big ass into one............ :(


Preferred Member
Apr 26, 2013
Dylan prompted a youtube search and now I am all nostalgic and happy! I saw these guys with my college girlfriend in Bellingham in 1991 or so. We were Top Ramen poor, but splurged on their CD. She got the CD in the breakup in 1994 and I was sad, but I was up in Bellingham and found another copy in a used CD store in 1994 or 5. OUTSTANDING music and great memories.

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