What Are You Drinking? May 2023

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Servant King

Nov 27, 2020
Frazier Park, CA
Going to have a Maker’s Mark Ten Stave Bourbon while we play Nintendo Switch Golf.

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That little device looks much easier to swing than my 3 iron. I can only imagine trying to play golf with bourbon in me. That'd be a surefire way to get the entire sport banned by executive order... 😬

Edit: I was so wrapped up in imagining myself going into a Sergio Garcia-esque tantrum on the golf course that I forgot all about what I was actually drinking...

Grifone Sangiovese red wine from Trader Joe's

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Tar Wheel

May 23, 2020
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
What’s up, gang?! It’s been a minute. I have a few projects going on that have kept me busy and away from the forum for a bit.

I‘ve been exploring a few craft distilleries that have been creating a buzz lately, and have found a small outfit in Bourbon, Missouri, that’s doing amazing things. Old Road Craft Spirits is a membership only, husband and wife operation, whose product line is Barrel King. Everything I have purchased from them has been a home run. I’ve been drinking on a couple bottles from a recent delivery this weekend. One is a bourbon that‘s the one year anniversary release titled The Beta.


The other is a rye titled Fruity Pebbles. I swear the nose is like you put your face in a box of Fruity Pebbles and inhaled deeply. Nose translates exactly to the palate and finishes with spicy tobacco.


This is some seriously good finished craft whisky. Check them out if you’re looking for something that’s different in the best possible way.