Well ... I Ruined the Finish on this Grabow

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Dec 3, 2021
Bagshot Row, Hobbiton
Congrats on the quick and easy fix! Here's a tip on how to avoid this in future when you want to renew the shine:

Do not use a cloth. Put a TINY amount of Renaissance (I use Halcyon) on the palm of your hand and spread it on both palms. Let it set up for 30 seconds to a minute then take the pipe and rub it in the palms of your hands. You won't get any residue in the recesses and you will get a much higher gloss than you get with a cloth. Works like a charm.
I did this for my rusticated Savinelli 2614KS and it works perfectly as described. 👍 Thank you, Sablebrush52 !!!
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Jun 9, 2015
Mission, Ks
@rustiepyles Would you recommend a silicone cloth for polishing all my pipes, or should I stick with the Renaissance polish for the smooth ones?
I use this one on all my pipes. I also use ren wax on my smooth pipes, but I really dont wax a pipe unless its freshly restored or really needs it. An over-waxed pipe can get goopy when warm and tends to collect dirt more easily, the wax itself can also start to color obscuring the grain of the pipe and making look much darker than it should. I use the ren wax on ALL of my vulcanite stems pretty regularly though as it can help prevent oxidation. One of those polishing cloths last me about two years.
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Starting to Get Obsessed
Nice outcome. I'd call it a day and just smoke it. FWIW, whatever Dr G uses for a finish coat seems to come off easily enough with just rubbing alcohol, although I've only done that with smooth finished pipes. I had an Omega once that showed quite a nice grain after a good alcohol rub. It was a decent smoker as I recall, but I didn't care for the cheap rubber stem and bogus P-lip bit, so I let it go. Gone but not forgotten.
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Starting to Get Obsessed
Oct 28, 2018
Melfort, Saskatchewan, Canada
Well, if you wanted to bring the pipe back to normal, use undiluted Murphys oil soap and a dental brus.
After that the finish will appear dull, but still black. Next you can dye the stummel, but the easy way is to use mineral oil to bring the finish back to black.
After that you may polish accordingly, but any waxes have to be used very lightly. Don’t put the wax on the pipe. Use a dedicated rag to polish the pipe.
Rustication and pipes such as yours usually use a coat of white Diamond, but we all don’t have buffers and such.
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