Want to Try Lakeland.

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Ahi Ka

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Feb 25, 2020
Aotearoa (New Zealand)
I’d have a look at Boswells and Mars cigars to see what stock they have as you can grab bulls in smaller quantities rather than the 500g boxes/bags.

there are quite a few directions a Lakeland blend could go, have you looked at the sauce scale thread to get an idea on the different options?


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May 2, 2021
I've had exactly 3 bowls of Ennerdale, and have two ounces of something else (I forget what) doing time in the cellar. Ennerdale seems to be a prototypical Lakeland, but double check with someone much more knowledgeable than me.

Procurement just takes dedication. Just keep checking around. When you find something, jump on it because it won't last. They come in tin or bulk, it just depends on what you find when. And I'll say this as well. GH is a well made quality product. It might not be for you (and there's nothing wrong with that) but they are good tobacco.

If you get impatient like I did, Pease and Gawith collaborated on Stonehenge Flake, I think. It's an Americanized Disney version of a Lakeland.

Toss in the MM cob of your choice because it takes an old priest and a young priest to get Lakeland essences out of anything they're smoked in. I went basket briar route, I like local stores when I can.


May 2, 2021
I've been avoiding Lakelands until about 4 months ago. Some of the reviews and characteristics had me hesitant. Like I said, I'm only three whole bowls deep into Lakelands so I'm not really ready to say much. But it's different. Very different.


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Jul 10, 2019
Shelby, NC
If there are any decent B&Ms in your area, check 'em out. One nearest me has bulk Grasmere, Lakeland Dark (S & U/S), and Dark Birds Eye, and it's all super aged because the old timers around here only like 1Q and similar Lane house blends. They also have some tins and the heavy scented Lakelands sell much slower than the unscented VAs.
I guess the demographics of your area could affect things a bit, but you might find some buried treasure somewhere...


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Oct 7, 2016
Stonehenge, White Rose, and Hyde Park. Chasing Gawith drops right now will lead you nowhere.
Actually there is a fair amount of Gawith Hoggarth in stock.
Watch City, and Boswell are two that many here know, Payless Cigars and Pipes, which is the internet operation of a company that is the distributor to a chain of 800 or so “Smoker Friendly” stores across the country, had a bunch and still has many.

Lake District tobaccos get their unique flavor from a combination of traditional flavoring sauces and Comminwealth (Africa, India, today also including South America) leaf that might be cured differently than most raw leaf used in pipe tobacco these days.

All you can say for sure is that anything from Gawith Hoggarth that has the word Americans in the title isn’t really going to give you a Lakeland experience. Past that, opinions differ as to how “Lakelandy” a blend is. I for one would absolutely say that GH Best Brown #2 is a Lakeland, for others it might not be sauced enough. (And Payless for one has tins of that in stick)

Mars, Boswell and Smoking Pipes are three sellers who usually break down 500g quantities and sell by the ounce. Watch City sometimes splits bags and ropes. However picked over their selection might be now, there is another shipment on the way that very well might show up in shops late this month or early June.


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Apr 26, 2020
Where NY, CT & MA meet
It's amazing, 5-6 years ago all you heard was grandma's panties and urinal cakes to describe lakelands. Those that admitted liked them often wouldn't admit it and you had your pick of any of them online all of the time. Glad I stocked up on my favorites then!
Definitely one of my favorites. If you can find Samuel Gawith Kendal Cream Flake it’s another one I enjoy. It doesn’t seam as popular as Ennerdale so is in stock more frequently these days.

Wuce Brayne

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Apr 19, 2021
Wow, thanks for all of the responses guys! This has given me a ton to work with. Now I know of a few blends that a person without a contract with the devil can actually get. I think I'll probably start with Stonehenge as I recall seeing that on Smokingpipes.com


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Nov 14, 2020
The Aloha State!
The one thing that has been mentioned in the past, given the size of GH, batches vary in Sauce Strength.

I have around a 7 year old tin of Ennerdale, but it’s light in the fruit and floral flavors, not a Lakeland Sauce Bomb, but it is very nice. It reminds me of when Murray’s was in their prime with Erinmore Flake, this feels like a blend similar from those days.

I also have Kendall Flake, when Boswell’s was recently selling it, and Bosun rubbed out from SPC recently.

Of all three, GH powered on the Sauce in the Bosun, so strong, it would make anyone sneeze smelling it, really nice. So I don’t know what to expect with the next batch of Bosun rolling around, but keep your eyes peeled for that one. ;)

P.S. @chasingembers thanks, I have Stonehenge, I’m going to try the other two... :)
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Feb 2, 2019
Athens, Greece
SG Lakeland Dark and G&H Dark Bird's Eye are NOT Lakelands.

They are made in the Lake District, yes, but are basically heavy Dark Fired Kentucky. Lalekand Dark is a grown up, smoother version of MacBaren HH Bold Kentucky, and Dark Bird's Eye is basically a Dark Fired Kentucky shag, pretty strong and rough, but also very tasty.

Check out the thread Ahi Ka posted above, about the sauce scale, it is an authoritative source.

From what I've tried:
  • Bob's choc flake is light in the Lakeland, and very nice
  • Conniston is middle of the road, and very nice
  • Dark flake scented I have not smoked yet, but smells VERY strong
  • 1792 flake is in my top 5 tobaccos, but it's basically tonquin flavoured, not a clear Lakeland. Same tobacco base as Lakeland Dark.

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