Viking Pipe Club of Saint Louis 2020 Holiday Soiree on December 7th

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Dec 24, 2010
Hello, Holiday Vikings,
As you gorge yourself on the fat of the land this week, which is your right as a Viking, remember that in just 10 days time we shall gather once again to share the blessings of banditry at the
Viking Pipe Club of St. Louis
Holiday Soiree
At Hill Cigar Co,
5360 Southwest Ave,
St. Louis, MO 63139

From 6-9 p.m.
Along with the usual Feats of Strength and the Airing of Grievances, those in attendance can expect to take part in the following festivities:

Home Brews for the Season
We have a couple of resident home-brewers of Beer and Mead who always bring their best to share at this event. ALSO, Hill Cigar is a BYOB establishment, so you can feel free to bring your favorite libations to share as well.

The Viking Pipe Club Gift Raffle
This is the highlight of the season for sure. Members have already pledged at least 10 pipes and even more tins of tobacco to be given away this year. This means you should bring some extra pipes and tobacco to give away, AND you should bring new friends to enjoy a great hobby.

Special Presentations
Our Viking Attorney on Call, J.R. Humbug, will once again entertain us by the fireside with his legal whit and whimsy in his new talk: Not in My Backyard! How to Keep Vapers and the Elderly Out of Your Neighborhood, but Especially Mine.

Family Counselor D. W. Perique, will present his renowned Ted Talk, Failure to Drive: What is is My Kid Smoking in the Garage?

Illinois apologist and retired pilot, M.M. Growsome, will treat us with his new documentary film:
Flying High Over the Land of Lincoln: Why Tobacco Will Instantly Kill You and Your Children, but Weed, Un-Inspected Car Fumes, Government Corruption and Cubs Fans are A-OK.

Expectations and Special Notes
Really, please do bring friends to enjoy this once-a-year soiree. Even if they're only pipe-curious, this is a fantastic introduction to the hobby, and they'll leave with a free pipe and some delicious tobacco.

Also, the expectation of Hill Cigar Company is that we would all buy some tobacco of some kind. They provide a wonderful space for the party without charging us. Please support them.

PLEASE RSVP and let me know what you are bringing for the raffle.

-Nathan Mattia