Two New Workhorses for Under $100 Total - Tsuge Tasting and Nording Sailor

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Part of the Furniture Now
Oct 21, 2015
Chicago, IL
I'm always on the lookout for great deals on pipes, and when I say great deals I mean less than $75 per piece. I'm convinced you really don't ever need to spend more than $100 to get an amazing pipe.
I recently picked up two new pipes from SmokingPipes that cost me a total of $91, and they both smoke fantastically. I highly recommend pipes from both of these series!
#1: Tsuge Tasting 16 $51

- Ultra lightweight, pencil-shanked slim chimney billiard. Pretty narrow chamber diameter but perfect for Virginia. Comes with an acrylic stem too, which is key for me. I just think the skinny but lengthy shaping here is so handsome.


#2 Nording Sailor $40

- Briar bowl inside a metal casing, with a molded plastic mouthpiece. I was worried the metal might get hot but it's actually the opposite. Because there's briar and metal (two layers/materials of space) between the burn and the hand, this pipe's bowl actually stays generally cooler than my briar pipes. Great modern and minimal poker. It looks like the latest batch on SP come with bonus churchwarden stems too for no extra cost (mine did not but I'll let it slide).


Still marveling at the dirt-cheap cost I paid for both of these gems. Add some to your collection!

- Nording Sailor and Compass pipes

- Tsuge Tasting Pipes



Part of the Furniture Now
Nov 17, 2015
Springfield, Mo
I'm intrigued by the Tsuge. I'm a fan of classic shapes, especially sandblasted. I didn't know Tsuge made an acrylic stem, which is a win!
I hope they both treat you well, Mr. Mirza.



Nov 13, 2012
Nice pipes. I've been interested in those tasting pipes but haven't pulled the trigger.
Let us know how they smoke.
Also have you looked at the Ropp pipes? I've got one of the $40 one's and it smokes pretty darn good.



Feb 21, 2013
I bought the straight billiard version of that Tsuge and I really like and enjoy it. I think these two pipes illustrate that if you work at it, you can buy some excellent smokers with style and design for notably modest prices. They don't fall in your lap. You have to learn something about pipes and have the patience to wait out good pipes and good buys, but they certainly come around. For those of us who choose not to spend big bucks on most pipe purchases, this is another way of going for quality.



Apr 26, 2013
Oddly (since I am a huge Kirsten fan), I am not super moved by the Nording, but appreciate the deal and am happy that you like it.
That Tsuge is really neat. There were some Tsuges a couple years ago for just under $60 and I missed out on them. I don't know if I can miss out again...
Great deals you got and I am glad they are smoking well for you! Thanks for posting that. I am off to shop a bit now.



Sep 9, 2017
The Arm of Orion
Interesting. I was thinking of Tsuge last night when I was skimming through another thread were someone was asking/discussing wind caps and/or ways to keep the wind off your pipe, because Tsuge has some models with built-in windscreens, although those are on the pricey side.



Feb 21, 2013
About five years ago, SPC had a series of Tsuge down-market pipes for around sixty bucks. I always looked admiringly but never bought one. Their more expensive pipes always came in as second to other brands at those higher prices. I bought my Tsuge tasting pipe, the aforementioned billiard, from PC on sale at $39.99, and to my eye and feel, it has that classy Tsuge fit and finish.

Aug 27, 2016
I've eyeballed the tasting series chimney. It's right up my alley aesthetically. SPC even had an estate for sale for like $40..i should have grabbed it.



Nov 3, 2013
In the sticks in Mississippi
I have a Tsuge Tasting 21 that I picked up on eBay for $20. The seller had 4 for sale, so I believe it was used for just that, tasting, as it looked to have been hardly smoked. I find it to be one of the better made pipes I've seen at any price, and it smokes great!

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