Tsuge Cat's Eye 606

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Dec 30, 2018
Some time back Dave Neeb had two stunning bamboo shanked billiards from Tsuge at very reasonable prices - one brown toned smooth with gorgeous grain and one black sandblast that was screaming for me to buy it. I agonized over which one to buy for what seemed like hours but was actually close to 73 seconds before buying both. Not one single regret. They both smoke beautifully. Last night I smoked the smooth. I’m going to smoke the sandblast right now because it’s at the front of my mind now.

Buy. Them. Both.

Trust me, you will love them.


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Jan 7, 2020
Those were the reservations I was referring to. ?
So you actually convinced me to buy this pipe, but not right now. I currently don't have the funds to buy it but I’ve been putting off selling a collection (our of laziness) from different hobby for a while. I'm going to work on selling those and by a 606 the next time they come around.

There is still one 606 smooth left and it’s quite beautiful but it wasn't my pick of the litter. I figure if I’m going to buy the most expensive pipe in my small collection, it might as well be the one I really want.

I contacted SP and they said they couldn't guarantee that they’ll be getting them back in stock but my assumption is if they were around in 2020 when this thread started and they came back recently, they should make another appearance down the road.

Is this a bad assumption? I made this assumption with a Neerup acorn a year or so back but Peder has stopped making that shape ?


May 23, 2019
Beautiful pipes. I've been tempted by them many times, but they are a little heavier than I prefer and I am trying to curb my purchasing a wee bit after throwing quite a bit into a rather large (and soon to be revealed here) commission project.