Took the Wife in for Surgery

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May 6, 2011
Olathe, Kansas
Today is Day 3 of this little adventure. She is definitely feeling better and can fully take care of all her needs. That mean she's fully mobile. But my day of reckoning is coming. Pretty soon the bandages will come off and she will get a good look at the fresh scar. Then I will wish she wasn't so mobile. I'll be lucky if the only she has is a frying pan.


Feb 21, 2013
Boy, I've been through a lot of these situations. Many an hour in the family waiting area and hauling back and forth to the hospital and rehab. Both my late wife and my current wife were extra energetic and able people when I met them, so I wasn't auditioning for a caretaker role, but I think I've learned a little about it.

Without seeming phony, make a point of being upbeat and affirmative with her, and understand she may get depressed in recovery. Maybe collaborate with her on what she'd like for cosmetic purposes while the scar heals --pretty scarves, turtlenecks, etc., once the bandages come off. Of course, give her the say on colors, patterns, design, etc. A paper catalog or online shopping could help.

My wife remembers over time the ice cream and such that I brought her in recovery. Any break from hospital food is excellent, a better grade of coffee, indulgent donuts, candy, etc.

Wishing you both the best. Hospitals are no-smoking zones for sure, so make sure you get long relaxing smokes when you get home, maybe with some music, a beverage, and snack, to keep you going and help you sleep.
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Mar 7, 2013
Hey, women are always telling guys that "scars are sexy", right?

Flip it.

Tell her that men think the same thing. Always have and always will. (We just never talk about it because we don't want to risk pissing off the trillion dollar women's makeup companies who have hit squads on their payroll.)
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