Tin Flake vs. Bulk Ready Rubbed

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Staff member
Jul 28, 2013
Burlington WI
GLP's Robusto and Key Largo are the same exact things, except Key Largo is pressed, and it greatly affects the flavor.
But, as far as whether flakes age better than ribbon, NO. I mean they age differently, but being better is a judgment call. Some people are looking for those little crystals, which they've been brainwashed marketed into thinking that those make them taste a lot better or sweeter. But, in my own side by side smoking, I can't tell a difference. I'd love to see the folks that claim that they make for some sort of sublime smoke do a blind taste test.

Aging does make a fresh blend taste better. But, we are talking about a miniscule difference.

In a wine forum that I enjoy, someone had posted some great information about supertasters, those with twice as many taste buds as the majority of people in the world. It had some great clues to characteristics that a super taster would never do.
A supertaster would never put salt or seasoning on food, because they can pick up on very subtle flavors in meats and veggies that would never require having to add salt to enhance. Adding salt or seasoning, destroys a food for a super taster.
A supertaster would never drink a hopped beer. Hops adds a bitterness to the beverage that is magnified to a supertaster as being repulsively bitter.
And, foods like carrots, kale, and chocolate come across as being too astringent or bitter to a supertaster.

I've always wondered how people could drink beer, or eat carrots... or even nasty chocolate, ha ha. Now, I know... I'm abnormal.
Nasty chocolate???

You've just made a powerful enemy my friend.....

? ? ?
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May 26, 2012
Sarasota Florida
I have one ready rubbed blend in my cellar...Capstan Gold RR. I bought it because it was from 2013 and I figured with that amount of age it should be pretty tasty., plus the price was pretty good. I have a couple of group 6 pipes, one Ruthenberg Dublin and one Rad Davis Billiard. Both pipes smoke the stuff pretty darned good. I really prefer perfectly formed flakes that I can fold and stuff into all of my group 4-5 sized pipes. Except for my group 6 pipes all my others were brought to smoke my favorite flakes and plugs. It took a number of years before I learned how to pick the right pipes to smoke my flakes. It is a journey that is still fun.

There is just something that calls me to a perfectly formed flake that is easy to fold and stuff.
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Starting to Get Obsessed
Apr 19, 2019
Sarasota, Florida
Specifically regarding ODF, I have tins, bulk RR as well as a pound box that was jarred. I noticed in the pound box there was a lot of extra pieces that were left over once the mostly intact flakes were jarred up. I've since figured that the RR version most likely consists of those bits, or more likely flakes that didn't make the cut (no pun intended) for tins or the 1lb bag.....
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Starting to Get Obsessed
Jul 13, 2020
For some reason, I always forget to look at what is available as bulk. I know at least 5 blends I like could be had in bulk form. There is something nice about having a sealed tin. But for those daily smokes, I could benefit from some money saving and bulk buys.
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Starting to Get Obsessed
Jun 19, 2017
I agree with the consensus, I don’t care much for flakes because I don’t smoke them whole in pipes... I actually prefer ready rubbed or ribbon cut.

Like the OP mentioned I could see flakes holding up better long term, because they are compressed. When i jar a tobacco I press it down and compact into sort of a block.


Feb 21, 2013
Bulk's a better deal and almost certainly from the same bin as the tinned, and will smoke just as well if you take care of it, jar it well, and smoke it up or age it as you please. I do like the tins for convenience of storage/aging, and yes, for the tin art and statement on the label, sometimes, of the constituent tobaccos, though you can make your own labels for jars with this information. If I can buy something bulk, I usually do.
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