Things I Hate About Arthritis.

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Can't Leave
Dec 28, 2022
Not constant but my right shoulder kicks up now and then. Same with right hand and knee. Nothing all the time though. I too eat tylonal for it when needed. I buy the 500 count bottle.


Part of the Furniture Now
Feb 3, 2013
May I suggest looking into Dry Needling. I have arthritis on my thumbs and get dry needling done every 4-5 months. My son in law has a doctorate in physical therapy and teaches in the field. He tells me it was created by a sports doctor at the university of Washington to help athletes get back on the field faster. All I know is that it helps a lot.
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Nov 26, 2018
I feel for you Bullet. With me it is arthrosis in my right hand. Not always that painful, but if it hurts like the dickens.
It does not bother me much, but doing George Dibos magic pipe refurbishing methods that takes considerable strenght will sometimes not do. Apart from that ailment; 65 and fit as a butchers dog .
One of my pastimes is stickmaking and there some wonderfully thorned blackthorn shanks waiting to start working on.
Can you post a picture of your stick; would much like to see it :)
Keep moving and keep it warm ( wear a glove ) ! I am an avid Argentine Tango dancer and private teacher since 1995 and can strangle a grown man with my thighs LOL.
My left hand hook is lethal.
Rarely without it if I have to any distance.

Dec 10, 2013
Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Rarely without it if I have to any distance.

View attachment 195701
That is a wonderful,substantial stick.Good spiral thorn development.Is it blackened from the handle down?
Blackthorn is my favourite, beautiful plum coloured bark and rock hard. Tough to straighten and to work on though.
There are some really very old ones in my stick rack.
When a little younger I did quite some Kendo and stick fighting. When handled properly almost any stick can cause considerable damage, blackthorn in particular. Watch W.C. Fields in " Blind Man with Cane" ,it is hilarious . Kumquat marmelade is a treat :)

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