The Right Pipe for Smoking Licorice Tobacco

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Nov 3, 2013
In the sticks in Mississippi
I can't seem to resist being a smart ass for all that long. With that thought in mind, I have two pipes dedicated for smoking licorice flavored tobacco. I really like the licorice flavor to be rather up front, like Esoterica's Blackpool and Ramsgate. Granted that finding these blends is tricky, at least at a reasonable price, so my supply is getting low. As you can see, the tobacco is covered in bloom, not mold, because it's about 7 years old. But now and then I indulge myself and have these two pipes for smoking them. First is my Black Jack by Morgan pipes, which works perfect and reminds me of BlackJack gum that has disappeared from the market for many years. The other is a new addition that my stepdaughter gave me that gives the tobacco a great additional taste, but every time I smoke it, it gets smaller. (Probably because it's made from licorice candy.) Oh well I can enjoy it while it lasts.
Do any of you guys like licorice flavored tobacco?



Starting to Get Obsessed
Oct 30, 2015
Toronto, ON, Canada
At some point within the last decade, I actually scored a bag of Blackpool; I was in heaven! Hands down, my favourite Germain blend.

I mourn the loss of GH Brown Flake Liquorice. It wasn't at all liquorice-forward, but it was there, and made a great all day smoke.

I do detect licorice (I adapt the spelling to country of origin!) in Mixture 79, amongst several other flavours. Amphora Black is another where licorice is there, but it's not by itself.

Also remembering another lost blend: Troost Black Cavendish, I don't know if that's the proper name, but it was a proper smoke. Again, aided by licorice.

The blends flavoured with Sambuca or other anise/licorice flavoured booze I have to stay away from.


Starting to Get Obsessed
Jul 18, 2023
Western NY
I LOVE black licorice.... never tried licorice flavored tobacco that I remember.
Im not against it, just haven't went out of my way to try I guess.
When I was a kid there was a place in, or around Olean NY that was called, "The Old Fashioned Candy Store", they had, well, old fashioned candy. Olean was about an hour and a half ride from home. Our parents loved going for rides. We went to the candy store every other month or so.
NECCO waffers, actual penny candy, candy cigarettes, Bottle Tops....and of course those licorice pipes.
REAL black licorice, not the fake stuff around too much today.
The real stuff was tough to bite and was brown on the inside.....and had a strong licorice flavor. You know, you have one in front of you!
I normally got ONLY these pipes in my little bag.
My dads rule was whatever fits in the "small" bag.
You can fit a LOT of pipes in those bags if you stack correctly. :)


Nov 3, 2013
In the sticks in Mississippi
Yes, yes I do.

How does Ramsgate compare to Blackpool? Which has more licorice? I've only ever had Blackpool and have yet to try Ramsgate.

Another blend with a good bit of licorice is Mixture 79, but it gets bitter towards the bottom of the bowl.
I find that Blackpool has a little more licorice flavor than Ramsgate. However, I do enjoy both of them.
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Oct 25, 2013
New Zealand
I have been smoking brown flake w/ liquorice, and it is a definite favourite, although the liquorice flavour in that one is fairly elusive...the last bowl I had was one 'punch in the face' puff of fennel seeds, and otherwise just nice sweet baccy.


May 6, 2011
Olathe, Kansas
I don't care for licorice flavored tobacco despite my love of licorice. Keeping two pipes for just the purpose of smoking them is a great idea,


Feb 26, 2015
My latest order from Esterval's included two pouches of Danske Club Ocean Blue which is flavored with Sambuca/licorice. The pouch note is definitely black licorice but I haven't smoked it yet. When I do, it will be in one of my clay pipes and maybe one of my estate pipes until I figure out how bad the ghost will be.
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Starting to Get Obsessed
Jul 29, 2023
Henderson, Nevada
To be honest I have never tried any of the Licorish flavored tobaccos, but I have always wanted to try it! Anyway, when testing new aromatics or to see how badly a tobacco blend will ghost a pipe, I highly suggest using Corn Cob Pipes. If you don't already have one or a few, they are a very reasonable investment.