The Official Word on the Fate of Peterson Tobaccos

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May 8, 2017
Sugar Grove, IL, USA
I shared most of this previously as a comment in another thread, but thought it would be worth creating a separate post, as I think the information is of interest to many.
Beginning sometime around April 2019, STG will resume shipping the most popular Peterson blends. The following comes from Leonard, an admin on the ThisPipeLife tobacco forum. He is an employee of Scandinavian Tobacco Group and he confirms that this list is official.
Here are his two relevant posts:
Good news, Old Dublin made the list. Below is the total portfolio. Any that got cut are still being manufactured for other countries, so could potentially come back in the future. I can assure you the volume for the items that got cut were minuscule.
Peterson 3P's Plug Tobacco 50g

Peterson Balkan Delight Tobacco 50g

Peterson Connoisseurs Choice Tobacco 50g

Peterson De Luxe Mix Tobacco 50g

Peterson Hyde Park Tobacco 50g

Peterson Irish Dew Tobacco 5 x 40g

Peterson Irish Flake Tobacco 50g

Peterson Irish Oak Tobacco 50g

Peterson Irish Whiskey Tobacco 50g

Peterson Old Dublin Tobacco 50g

Peterson Sherlock Holmes Tobacco 50g

Peterson Sunset Breeze Tobacco 50g

Peterson Sweet Killarney Tobacco 50g

Peterson University Flake Tobacco 50g”
I followed up asking him to confirm that this answer is “from the horse’s mouth” and some details about distribution. Here’s Leonard’s reply:
To PappyJoe's point, in this case, I am the horse (I've been called worse). As far as distribution, I would hope that tobacconists who had previously been ordering would do so again and we are certainly getting the same questions regarding when and what will return from tobacconists. Really it's up to the retailer. Our sales force will be out there pushing it once we're back in distribution (should be around April). Certainly the online retailers will carry everything we have.


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Dec 30, 2018
3Ps, Hyde Park, University and Irish Flakes - I'm good.
Thanks for the official update! I was a little bit worried about those four, but figured those would be staples even if some were discontinued in the US.


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Oct 10, 2013
Leonard is much more than a horse. He’s Leonard Wortzel, Vice President, Marketing and Product Development at Scandinavian Tobacco Group Lane. Many Chicago Show attendees have met and shared a bowl with Leonard. He’s a really good guy.



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Mar 22, 2018
Happy to have some of my favourites come back. I haven’t tried Sherlock Holmes yet so I’m glad that isn’t going away



Dec 20, 2016
That's some cheerful news in a precinct where it's been mostly bad the last few years. Old Dublin is a personal favorite, so I'm glad to see it made the cut.



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Sep 9, 2017
olkofri, I think that is a quotation at the end of the list not an asterisk.
Oh, that's right. I do need to get myself to the optometrist. Thx. :oops:



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Feb 21, 2013
At the expense of being suspected of being on another planet by astral projection, may I ask for a two or three line back story on what the hiatus in Peterson blends was about? I somehow missed that narrative. Just briefly.



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May 8, 2017
In July, a German blog predicted the end of 10 of Peterson's 17 tobacco lines. Panic ensued, and Peterson tobacco became OOS everywhere.
Cue happy ending.


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