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Can't Leave
Oct 23, 2021
Just got a beutiful GBD pipe from restoration (originally from eBay). Smoking was reasonable. When I cleaned it, I took off the stem, and found that the tenon was not drilled in the middle. It is from the France era as far as I understand, and suppose to be relatively high quality. What are your thoughts? Will it pose a problem in the future? Can the stem be a replacement? Thanks!


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Briar Lee

Sep 4, 2021
Humansville Missouri
In 1946 Lee made and sold pipes costing from a dollar to twenty five dollars, by far the most expensive factory pipe in the world in 1946.

On all pipes $5 and up, Lee used a hidden, invisible, adjustable, aluminum mortise and aluminum screw tenon with a removable stinger.

To this day, it’s the best way to join a pipe stummel to a stem. Shanks don’t crack, tenons don’t break, they never get loose, are never too tight, and are fully adjustable for wear using only a pair of pliers.

But they weren’t always drilled dead center. Fortunately, it didn’t and doesn’t matter at all.


Insert tobacco and smoke that GBD! .:)
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