Sutliff Private Stock: Dark & Silky review

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Starting to Get Obsessed
Nov 5, 2021

Always a fan of Sutliff's Private Stock line (though usually packaged like potato chips with 1/2 air), Dark & Silky does not disappoint.

Cracking open the pop-top can wafts very wet, awkward cuts of what smells like dark-chocolate cake right from a suburbia-chain restaurant's "death-by-chocolate" dessert menu.

Rich dark chocolate cake flavors with dark chocolate frosting, similar to Sutliff's Chocolate Supreme D54 with a hint of black coffee wash-down aftertaste occasionally, possibly from the Virginias and seemingly CAO Black Cavendish from Lane Limited supporting, but I could be mistaken. None of that Cavendish-vanilla scene going on here though, which is suspicious.

Gooey rich plumes of chocolate overload. Is this even tobacco? No tobacco note tasted, whatsoever. Aromatic extremophile lovers rejoice. Not particularly sweet or artificial flavored; tastes natural in the same way that chain-restaurant double-chocolate cake is "natural" tasting, and maybe a bit too much, as if your Tinder date thought it would be funny to out-of-nowhere smoosh your face in it at on the first dinner date; and now it's in your nose and beard all smeared; and it's all you can taste, and she's laughing and you're a bit angry, but she's super-hot so you try to laugh it off, and it's kind of a tasty cake anyway, and she's got physical attributes that buy forgiveness you might see later if you play your cards right and laugh off her bizarre, socially-unacceptable behavior. She's probably got away with a lot of this kind of crap.. and she will again this time.

It's reasonably priced online at only $7.50 a tin which is a steal since Three Nuns is going for an astounding $29.50 for 3.5 oz for some reason.

Smokes cool. Nearly no nicotine. Had to re-light a few times and could probably benefit from a drying-out.

I recommend this, at least for the reasonable price. Not the quite as good as Boswell's Coco Creme, which isn't as "in your face" about it. This is dark chocolate, smooth and tasty, and you'll probably have a wet drool-pipe at the end of it. Bring 2 extra pipe cleaners, you'll need it from your salivating.

Sam Gamgee

Part of the Furniture Now
Sep 24, 2022
DFW, Texas
I had been wanting to try some chocolate tobacco and went with Dark & Silky as my first, partly based on this review.

I had my first bowl last night and absolutely loved it (and everyone in nose-shot said it smelled like a chocolate cake baking!). I had a flavor in my mind (really no way to fully describe it) that I wanted out of a chocolate blend and this nailed it perfectly - a very rare occurrence in my pipe-smoking history. It’s not rich chocolate but more like a cocoa. It reminds me of a chocolate cake with no icing, or like a cocoa-based rather than a rich fudge brownie. To my palate this is insanely good stuff. It definitely won’t be my last tin.