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Jan 13, 2024
That sounds so sad to me, my friend. I hate that for you guys in countries that are extreme towards tobacco. I live in the US and in a good state, where as Canada seems to want to go more and more towards dumbass regulations, we are safe for the most part.
Enjoy while it is still so
And may it remain so forever
But you can never count on dumbass legislators to do the right thing
There's a Bill leaving committee and headed for the House and Senate in Oregon, it has a decent chance of passing; that bans the sale of flavored tobacco. Ostentatiously to get rid of vape juice and menthol cigarettes, but will also have the side effect of killing pipe tobacco in this state. I've got a few tins of Captain Black Royal cellared, and plan to cellar a few more soon, among other tobaccos..


Jul 11, 2014
I don't know if it's still produced, but C&D had a blend with what some described as strong grape flavoring.
As for dottle, I consider it to be whatever is left after I put the pipe down. I might have none, but often have at least what I'd call a heel of tobacco remaining that I stir, and lightly tamp, and smoke to finish off.


Sep 17, 2023
It isnt generally a problem for me. Dottle tastes just fine when I use a layer of meer chips at the bottom of the pipe. I dont follow the directions on the box. They suggest filling your bowl half way. I put a quarter. Every bit of tobacco tastes right, even if I dont dry it enough. In bowls that are not deep I will tend to leave them out but in most there is plenty of room. I prefer a smoke of about 45 minutes so it works perfectly
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Jan 7, 2020
If I’m near my dottle can (an old tuna can) I’ll dump the contents in there. I’ve not yet decided what to do with the contents but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to smoke it out of a pipe.
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Three words... Fine white ash
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Nov 30, 2020
Sydney, Australia
This is a serious question: Could you put them in a mesh bag and run through the dishwasher?
I’d be worried that they would soften and break up if subjected to a dishwasher.

I’m not sure if a quick rinse is sufficient to get rid of the absorbed tarry moisture.

In any case they are cheap enough to throw out after a few uses
I only use 5-7 at a time, depending on their size (definitely not uniform)

A couple of members have suggested using rice grains
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