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Sep 9, 2017
The Arm of Orion
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Jan 31, 2011
I just can't shake the feeling that Siri's favorite mod will be locking this thread quite soon.

Or, translated to binary, 00101001001001011101000110001010101001010100100101010101111000101010101001 etc.
Now you've got me wondering about the nature of the relationship Siri may have to one or more mods here.
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Briar Lee

Sep 4, 2021
Humansville Missouri
Not real sure how those cattle ear tags can work in remote areas ... if there are not any cell towers, one can't contact the device and get its location ...
They work like a GPS navigator, straight off a series a satellites.

Helicopter mothers would be a wonderful market for a human version.

In New Mexico a losing candidate shot up the homes of six of his political opponents, and was arrested today.

The perp had 19 felonies on his record, spent 7 years in prison, and still won his primary to stand in the general election.


Detectives identified Pena as their key suspect using a combination of cellphone and vehicle records, witness interviews and bullet casings collected at the lawmakers’ homes, police said. His arrest came one week after Medina announced they had identified a suspect in the shootings.

Maybe the time to vet this guy was before he ran for office?

But even today, cellphones catch criminals, just after the crime.